Introducin’ The Pit Barrel Cooker

A bunch of guys warming themselves around a flaming, black barrel while drinking beer doesn’t necessarily summon up feelings of serenity. In most cases I’d probably cross the street in order to avoid being shanked. Don’t get me wrong I’m no angel and I’ve sipped from more than one brown paper bag over the years, but until I caught a whiff of the Pit Barrel Cooker in action I probably would have been a little hesitant to walk up on that sort of a crowd.

It was late in the 2017 college football season and the Penn State home crowd was doing what they do best…they were tailgating Happy Valley style!

I was doing what I do best…sipping on an adult beverage, snacking and people watching when I caught a whiff of something intriguing.

As I followed my nose I came across a group of guys standing around what looked to me like a 55-gallon drum. They were drinking beer and having a pretty good time so I struck up a conversation. The guy that owned the Pit Barrel Cooker couldn’t stop talking about it. He kept mentioning that the ribs he was cooking were the best he’d ever prepared. I must have dropped enough hints as he finally opened up the lid on the PBC and pulled a rack out.

The first thing that I noticed was the beautiful color that he had accomplished on the ribs. At virtually the same moment I noticed the Pit Barrel Cookers unique “Hook and Hang” system that allowed the ribs to be treated to a steady convection cooking process. As he slapped the ribs down on the cutting board I had a funny feeling I was in for something special. He invited me to try a rib prior to saucing them. He had used the Pit Barrel Cooker Company’s own All Purpose Rib Rub. That rib was absolutely delicious.

He then sauced the rest of the ribs and put them back on the PBC to caramelize the sauce. I evidently lost track of time, as I listened to the PBC gospel being preached by this true Hang Time convert. In what seemed like just a couple of minutes he took the ribs back off of the PBC and offered me another bone. Truth be told I enjoyed the rib better “dry” (which is not unusual for me) then “sauced”, but it was still a darn good rib.

Those ribs were so good that on the following Monday morning, I started to investigate the Pit Barrel Cooker Company. They have a very user friendly website with plenty of recipes and helpful tutorials on how to use their products correctly. What I was able to find out about the company, and the product, truly impressed me.

This is a hands on, family run business and the founder is a Military Veteran. They were tremendously responsive to my inquiries for information and were more than happy to allow me to test drive some of their products. I’ve been fortunate enough to experiment with both the Classic Pit Barrel Cooker and the Pit Barrel Jr. and I can tell you that the advertised price is more than fair for a product of this quality. There is nothing chintzy about the PBC, the rubs are really good and all of the accessories make cooking easy.

Both the Pit Barrel Cooker and the Pit Barrel Jr. have delivered some very impressive results. I tend to be a huge fan of cooking over charcoal and this set up has helped the members of our Chasin’ Whitetails Media “Hunt-Fish-Forage-Farm team” accomplish some very solid results on everything we’ve thrown at it including kale (yes kale), stingray, burgers, hot dogs, ribs, pork shoulder, London Broil and even a Thanksgiving Day turkey.

As the holiday season approaches keep the folks at the Pit Barrel Cooker Company in mind. If you have a BBQ aficionado to shop for, and you’d like to win them over, I’d strongly recommend giving the folks over at the Pit Barrel Cooker Company ( a chance to impress you as much as they’ve impressed me