The Heartbeat
What happens in that moment of truth when time stands still. That moment when the bow is drawn back and an arrow released. That moment when you squeeze the trigger and bullet heads down range.
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Hunt, Fish, Forage, Farm
Sweeping across the nation is a movement that focuses on pure food. Food that the consumer has laid their own hands on. Whether you hunt it, catch it, find it or grow it, you will find information on how to process and prepare it here.
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The Fortified Female
Fortify. To give endurance. To encourage. To strengthen. Fortified...yeah, that’s the word. Welcome to the journey of The Fortified Female
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In the News
See the latest and greatest of what the outdoor world has to offer.
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Introducin' the Outdoors
As outdoors enthusiasts we have a responsibility to pass on our passion and love for the outdoors on to the next generation. Introducin’ the Outdoors is all about giving you the tools you need help get your friends and family off the couch, away from a screen, and into the outdoors.
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Killin' It Podcast
The Killin’ It Podcast is all about life around the camp fire. For thousands of years man has celebrated their success and failure around a hot glowing bundle of sticks that we all seem to find warmth and comfort in.
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Life Afowl
Life Afowl follows the Atlantic Flyway migration: chasing ducks and geese from the time they leave the Great Lakes region of Pennsylvania to the final end stop of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
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The Roadside Angler
What happens when four millennials care more about the environment than video games? They grab rods, reels, and lures to get outside and embrace all that the water has to offer. No need for a boat or guide, just pure adventure and exploration.
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Soon it will be September

So when part of your contracted obligation is to write stories that others may find witty, informative or even possibly educational there are unfortunately days where nothing comes to mind.

The Fortified Female

Being the voice of women for, it was my job to name the women’s section.  This proved to be quiet a task.  You see, it’s not easy to title

Basic Decoy Rigging

Here is a basic way to rig decoys once and have it last for years.

Drowning in a bathtub?

I am intentionally uninformed on the topics of both “Global Warming” and “Climate Change”. I have my own set of opinions on both issues, but since I haven’t done my

Summer Delight

Summer is jam packed with spontaneous cook outs.  I never plan ahead and always need something quick to throw together and get out the door! This is always a crowd

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