Life Afowl

Chasin’Whitetails Media, along with Browning Firearms, Winchester Ammo, Mossy Oak Graphics, Lacrosse, Kicks Choke Tubes, Haydels Game Calls,Weston Products, Champion Traps, Yeti, Gerber, Wild Ears and MTN OPS are putting together a series of 25 groundbreaking, five to ten minute waterfowl hunting videos in 2016 and 25 more in 2017. This project will follow Steve Sheetz and Steve Whittenberg, two hard-core waterfowling junkies, through the 2016-2017 East Coast waterfowl season as they educate new hunters to the sport along the way, promoting conservation, stewardship and environmental awareness. These two will be following the Atlantic Flyway migration: chasing ducks and geese from the time they leave the Great Lakes region of Pennsylvania to the duo’s end stop of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The Steves will journey down the expanse of the Susquehanna River and onto the Susquehanna Flats before heading onto the vastness of the world’s largest  estuary: the Chesapeake Bay. They will explore the Chesapeake Bay region’s thousands of tributaries, including the Potomac River, James River, and others before wrapping up their journey in North Carolina, where they will finish their migrational chase on the Currituck Sound, Albemarle Sound, and Pamlico Sound.  LaCrosse_MISS_Duck_6824

The videos will be short, five to ten minute blasts that will be shot in a variety of formats, including stunning 4K imagery to capture every hunter’s imagination, as well as to provide meaningful information the viewer can use when they go afield.  From tips on preseason shooting and preseason scouting, how to blow a duck and goose call,to basic and advanced decoying techniques, to surviving life in the marsh, proper boat and gun care, and educating the viewer about preserving and conserving our wetlands. It will all be covered in these groundbreaking videos. These video shorts will be part cinematic masterpiece and part educational documentary that the viewer will want watch over and over again. The videos will be featured on our website, which has 34,000 unique visitors each month, as well as YouTube, VIMEO and other online platforms to include Ridge Road Outdoors, which has a social media reach of 1 million plus per month.

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