Introducin’ the Outdoors

Introducin’ the Outdoors is a one stop information shop. The goal here is simple, provide you with the basic information you need to get outdoors.

It all begins with a desire and a thirst for adventure. A love of God and all that he has created in his image. Whether it is the crunching of leaves under hoof, the beating of feathers and wings locked up, the calming song of our favorite stream or gentle rocking of life on a lake, all have one thing in common. The experience of life afield.  

All true outdoorsmen would agree that our time afield is about the experiences we gain, and not the kill, that drive us. The kill becomes an epilogue that adds to the stories told, but at the heart of every day afield are the experiences that stick with us forever.  The smells, sounds and moments that embed themselves with us forever.

Far to often in our what about me society, individuals allow various barriers to keep them penned inside their homes. Most often that barrier is simply no one has ever asked them to go shooting, hunting, fishing, hiking, boating or just spend time afield. Closely behind at number two, is they lack core knowledge necessary to participate in the activities that we all love.  

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