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I’ll lay my cards out on the table early in this article. I do not consider myself to be much of a fisherman.

I enjoy deep sea fishing from time to time, but mostly for the boat ride. I grew up doing a lot of surf fishing, but haven’t done much of that in the last twenty years. Fishing has always been my Dad’s thing and, since my son is a fishing fanatic too, it must have simply skipped a generation?

So why is this non-fishing guy writing an article about a custom rod builder you may ask? Well it’s pretty simple…I believe in generating publicity for good people that work hard to provide their clients with a quality product at a fair price. Greg Kwiatkowski, of Tranquility Custom Rods, is one such person.

I met Greg when, Chasin’ Whitetails team member, Max Crumlich (@theroadsideangler) mentioned that he had a friend of a friend that wanted to discuss a possible partnership on some custom fishing rods for our CWM “The Roadside Angler” series. As a senior member of our management team I decided that I’d accompany Max to his meeting just in case any questions came up. To make a long story short a lot of questions came up.

Max and Greg started discussing fishing rods and that little “Charlie Brown’s teacher voice” started playing in my head “Whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp”.

Questions about the length, flex, material and targeted species were flying around in the ether. So as those two discussed their passions for all things fishing I decided to take in the space that Tranquility Custom Rods currently occupies.

Although the main working area is a relatively small space it is extremely well laid out. An “L” shaped work area, that appeared to be custom built for guys like Greg and I (both well over 6’ tall), takes up two of the walls. The third wall is made up of two closets that house shelving for additional storage. Every piece and part has a defined place that it calls home. A rack of colorful thread dominates one corner of the workspace providing Greg with what appears to be an endless amount of color combinations. There were multiple drying racks spinning rods that had recently been clear coated and a barely visible cork board that displayed current and upcoming work orders.

The second room at Tranquility contains a couch, kitchen area and a pool table that, at that time, was being used as the Tranquility shipping department. Incoming pieces and parts were to the left and several recently completed rods were packaged up and off to the right side. I can only assume that this area harkens back to the early days when Greg still had enough time to shoot a game of pool? As it stands now there were enough outgoing packages to prove to me that Tranquility’s custom work is in high demand.

As I circled back to the conversation it was evident that Greg is very thorough. Every question that Max asked was answered in detail and usually elicited a follow up question to help Greg pinpoint exactly what it was our team was looking for out of these rods. They discussed what our team would be doing with the rods, where they’d be fishing and what each team member would like to see in the rods aesthetic design. The majority of the members of “The Roadside Angler” team are under the age of 25 so between their ideas and Greg’s abilities some really stunning fishing rods were produced. Over the next several months be on the lookout for the rod reviews at

Like I mentioned above, I do not claim to be an angler of any worth. I like to wet a line from time to time, but I spend the majority of my outdoors time with a shotgun in hand. Our “The Roadside Angler” team on the other hand are fishing fanatics. They eat, sleep and dream about being on the water. They also fall into the millennial age group so at this point in their young lives money is a constant concern. They are not yet able to purchase rods in the $1,000.00 or more range. Thankfully Tranquility Custom Rods is able to work with each customer to design a rod that meets their needs and their budget.

So if you are looking for a custom rod, or would like to give one as a gift, I would strongly recommend giving Tranquility Custom Rods a shot at your business. I can assure you that Greg will go above and beyond to make sure that you get a rod that both satisfies your needs and makes your fishing buddies jealous.


Tranquility Custom Rods

Contact – Greg Kwiatkowski

Phone – (717) 572-3053

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Instagram – @tranquilitycustom

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