The Rut before “The Rut”

The Rut before “The Rut”

Early archery season can often be frustrating. Long hours afield, disappearing deer and lugging minerals often lead to frustration. Many hunters often find themselves in a personal rut before the November deer rut ever arrives.

I hear a lot of coffee table talk about a popular topic deemed by the experts as the “October Lull”. I’ve read about it in all of the major trade publications, blogs and online forums. I apologize in advance as I am not sure who coined the phrase, so shoot me an email if you know and I will be sure to give them the proper credit.

As an avid whitetail hunter I’ve have been busting my butt planting food plots of beans, radishes, clover and chicory as well as freshening up my mineral sites,  hanging stands and brushing in blinds.

Nowadays it seems like we live by our “trail camera scouting” through the early season. Constantly trying to pattern our hit list of shooters. For me personally it felt like I was putting a whole lot of stock in my trail cameras. I had to sit back and remember what a great hunting mentor once told me…

“A trail camera is a great tool, however, it only tells you where you should have been hunting yesterday.”  

So when your “Buckzilla” disappears from the periphery of your trail cameras don’t fret. Don’t lose patience and quit. Instead just sit back, trust in the work you put in and have fun. Accept that the natural patterns of wildlife are out of your control and know that good things will come your way.

Prior to the “seeking and chasing phase” brush up on your fundamentals. Think back to the lessons your father, mother, grandfather, uncle or another mentor taught you about hunting. Even with all of the advancements in hunting it’s the basics that build the foundation. Be sure that you are practicing good scent control, play the wind, stay quiet and keep your movements to a minimum.

It may seem like, as the frustration of going home empty handed builds, we feel some of the passion dwindling, but don’t lose hope.

Remember why we do this…. For the Love of the Outdoors.

Good luck this season and have fun!


Rick "THE BUTCHER" Bolinsky

Rick Bolinsky has a passion for the outdoors instilled in him by his Grandfather. As a lifelong hunter growing up in the Northeast Woods of Pennsylvania, Rick along with his favorite hunting buddy, Brother Ron read the works of famous PA hunters, Fred Bear and Bob Foulkrod. This only fueled the obsession and energy he shows for the progress of this way of life. Along with bow hunting Rick has a love of helping people in every way. From the joy of processing your harvest with friends and family, to finding physical fitness and health, I am excited to share, and tell the story of the hunt.

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