Why do you hunt?

Why do you hunt?

People regularly ask me why I hunt.

They are surprised that I would willing wake up at 2 a.m., crawl out of my warm bed and drive to a boat ramp two hours away from my house, regardless of the weather, just to shoot at a couple ducks.

Question: “You must really like killing stuff”…

Answer: No, that’s not it.


Question: “Wow, you must really like guns”…

Answer: Well yeah, I really do like guns.


Question: “Do you really eat those ducks”…

Answer: Yes, I do eat those ducks: and those geese, and those doves, and those pheasant, and those quail and…well you get the point.

I hunt to be outdoors experiencing nature while the sun rises and sets.

I hunt to be on my boat, facing into the wind and bouncing across the water.

I hunt to be sitting in a blind at first light when the Earth starts to come to life.

I hunt to be alone with my thoughts while simultaneously spending time with my friends and my family.

I hunt to see the wonder in my sons eyes when a flock of ducks locks up on our decoys.

I hunt to introduce as many people as possible to hunting.

Quite honestly I hunt to feel free.


Pete Anstadt

Grateful son to two amazing parents, big brother to an awesome sister, husband to the woman of my dreams and proud father of the greatest son in the world. Mediocre waterfowl hunter, novice fisherman, aspiring cook and recently retired high school lacrosse coach. I'm looking to improve my physical health and to find a way to turn my "work brain" off through exploring my love of the outdoors, spending more time in the field or at the sporting clays course and expanding upon my admittedly limited cooking abilities. I look forward to the chance to share my successes and to poke fun at myself when I fail miserably with anyone crazy enough to read my posts.

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