Why do you hunt?

People regularly ask me why I hunt.

They are surprised that I would willing wake up at 2 a.m., crawl out of my warm bed and drive to a boat ramp two hours away from my house, regardless of the weather, just to shoot at a couple ducks.

Question: “You must really like killing stuff”…

Answer: No, that’s not it.


Question: “Wow, you must really like guns”…

Answer: Well yeah, I really do like guns.


Question: “Do you really eat those ducks”…

Answer: Yes, I do eat those ducks: and those geese, and those doves, and those pheasant, and those quail and…well you get the point.

I hunt to be outdoors experiencing nature while the sun rises and sets.

I hunt to be on my boat, facing into the wind and bouncing across the water.

I hunt to be sitting in a blind at first light when the Earth starts to come to life.

I hunt to be alone with my thoughts while simultaneously spending time with my friends and my family.

I hunt to see the wonder in my sons eyes when a flock of ducks locks up on our decoys.

I hunt to introduce as many people as possible to hunting.

Quite honestly I hunt to feel free.


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