Rubber Leg Stonefly Tutorial


Once fall hits in the northeast, it only means one thing, lake-run trout. One of my favorite ways to fish for lake-run browns and steelhead is a big ugly rubber leg stonefly with trout bead pegged an inch or so above. To some this rig is known as “steak and eggs”.

The stonefly in the video is a very simple variation that does not take long to tie. If you lose one it isn’t the end of the world, and if need be they are quick to replenish the night before an outing.

I hope you enjoy the video and tie some for yourselves!


  • Hook- Daiichi 1270 sz. 10
  • Bead- 3.2 mm fluorescent orange tungsten
  • Wire- .015 lead wire
  • Body- Tobacco Brown/insect medium variegated chenille
  • Legs- Sili Legs Nymph: Light Olive Barred
  • Resin- Loon UV Flow
  • Glue: Gorilla Super Glue

As always, Tight Lines



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