Eagle vs. Decoy

When I sit down and watch Animal Planet and see the exotic wildlife I am in sheer amazement. Watching these creatures in their environment brings me both great pleasure and complete astonishment, but being out in nature and experiencing the real thing beats watching it on a TV screen any day.

Growing up in the outdoors has taught me many lessons and made me grateful for the experiences that I’ve had. I consider myself very fortunate for what I have witnessed while in a tree stand, casting off the bow of my boat or sitting in a pit blind.

One of my favorite memories occurred while duck hunting. As we sat there waiting for the next flight of mallards we were treated to some aerial maneuvers from an ever so majestic bald eagle hunting the Susquehanna River.

With a single, lightning fast swoop the eagle crashed down and crushed one of our mallard decoys. He rose from the water, decoy in tow and flew off.

I looked at my father in disbelief trying to process what had just happened. He simply looked back at me with same look of shock and bewilderment.

When the eagle got to the middle of the river he dropped the decoy which immediately sank into the water. While I was slightly angered by the fact that my new, rather pricey decoy, had just been destroyed I was completely awestruck at what had happened before my eyes.

It is these experiences that bring me back outdoors over and over again.

What are some of the experiences that drive you out into the wild?

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