Soon it will be September

Soon it will be September

So when part of your contracted obligation is to write stories that others may find witty, informative or even possibly educational there are unfortunately days where nothing comes to mind. You sit there at the keyboard, staring out the window and waiting for divine inspiration. Hoping that a spark, just a flicker, of something interesting pops into your mind.

The sun is out, the sky is blue and the temps are hovering at just about 80 degrees. To most people this is perfect weather. They are headed out to the golf course, the pool or taking an afternoon stroll, but here I sit, wheels turning with a thin trace of smoke coming out of that void between my ears.

The stories about prepping my dekes, instructions for the best way to repaint your duck boat, that one time we shot our limit in the first half hour of legal shooting time…they could all be interesting to write about and possibly something worth reading?

Maybe, maybe not?

I think that the truth of the matter is I am simply anxious. Early goose season is only a couple weeks away and each year around this time my mind begins to wonder….

As a construction manager trying to come up with a schedule is extremely difficult when all I want to do is get out to the marsh and build duck blinds.

Working up an invoice makes me realize that my own credit card bill is probably coming in the mail. That means the inevitable discussion with my wife where she once again explains the difference between “wanting more decoys” and “needing more decoys”.

Scheduling an appointment to survey a new construction project means that I won’t be out scouting for a new late season goose field.

Returning a call to one of my clients takes some time to work up to as I am more interested in practicing my comeback call.

Just sitting here in my office from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. and not hearing anyone yell take ‘em….

Come on September!


Pete Anstadt

Grateful son to two amazing parents, big brother to an awesome sister, husband to the woman of my dreams and proud father of the greatest son in the world. Mediocre waterfowl hunter, novice fisherman, aspiring cook and recently retired high school lacrosse coach. I'm looking to improve my physical health and to find a way to turn my "work brain" off through exploring my love of the outdoors, spending more time in the field or at the sporting clays course and expanding upon my admittedly limited cooking abilities. I look forward to the chance to share my successes and to poke fun at myself when I fail miserably with anyone crazy enough to read my posts.

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