The Fortified Female

Being the voice of women for, it was my job to name the women’s section.  This proved to be quiet a task.  You see, it’s not easy to title what I envision for women.  Sometimes the words just don’t accurately convey my thoughts.  Some titles are limiting and excluding, leaving some groups of women feeling unworthy of following.  Some are cute and hip but kinda make me wanna throw up in my mouth.  Some are down right degrading.

In my search for the perfect title, I found “fortified”.

fortified; fortifying

: to make strong: such as
a : to strengthen and secure (a place, such as a town) by forts or batteries
  • a city fortified by high walls
b : to give physical strength, courage, or endurance to
  • fortified by a hearty meal
c : to add mental or moral strength to : encourage
  • fortified by prayer
  • fortified by early successes

By definition, this word is everything I see for women, not only in the outdoor industry but in life.  Being an outdoorswoman is only a part of my life.  What about momming? Y’all ain’t never hunted until your kid can’t find their favorite blankie at bedtime!  The challenges of balancing all the roles I hold in this life are real.  Wife. Mom. Cardiac Sonographer. Outdoorsman.  Writer. Marketing Director and Chapter Leader of Wildife Women.  NASP coach.  Sister. Aunt. Friend.  All these titles, and I think I’m falling short.  Then my son looks at me, after watching me hike 1/2 mile uphill with a 50 lb bag of corn on my back and a backpack full of gear and says, “I didn’t think you could do that.”

Fortified……yeah, that’s the word.  Welcome to my journey as The Fortified Female

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