Create Your Own Legacy

You hear it said so often, that our time is limited, there is never a promised tomorrow.  We nod in agreement and go on about our day.  At my day job, I recently encountered a family whose parents are battling cancer.  Both parents. Same cancer.  Both hospitalized, same unit.  I was surrounded by what surely was the entire family.  One of the daughter’s filled me in on the situation as she asked question after question about my test I was performing.  On the outside, I remained professional, compassionate and empathetic.  Inside, I was crying like it was August 2009.

I know what its like to have a promised tomorrow ripped away.  I know the feeling of the world you know coming to an abrupt halt without warning.  My momma was my best friend, the foundation of my life, the one person who “got” me.  For the longest time after losing her, I couldn’t understand how the world just kept on turning while I was lost in a seemingly black hole of outer space.  Relationships around me changed.  Family structure fractured.  I felt like a stranger in my own life.

As time passes after tragedy, you come to understand “limited time” a little better.  Really grasping the concept, that tomorrow is not promised for anyone.  In turn, I have really started to live for the moments.  The moment when my 8 year old son reels in a 13″ bass that in his eyes is a TOAD!  The moment my 4 year old son catches that lightnin’ bug and for a second is mesmerized by its beauty.  The moment my 11 year old daughter sings with me at the top of our lungs, while dancing like crazy to 2000’s Hip Hop.  Those are the moments to soak in, to tie up in the strings of your heart.  Whether your moments are in the woods, on the water or surrounded by family, make them count.  Push your boundaries.  Challenge yourself in ways you never imagined you could.  Create your own legacy.

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