Tree Stand Locations and Safety

Well it is full swing  prime time tree stand season.   Wait what are you talking about?????   Try taking this free quick survey below.

Spring time does not scream tree stand season, but I fee everyone should be more focused on it?   While you are out scouting turkey hunting locations  it is a great way to prep for the fall while there are little or no leaves on the trees.   This is also a great time if you have not already removed your tree stands and do a safety inspection and perform all the necessary maintenance for your stand to keep it in good working order and safe as possible.   Every one of us takes a risk anytime we leave the ground, so be sure you have all of the components you can control in place.

Harness:   A good harness should always be in your arsenal.   It should act and feel like a second skin for you.  I wear my harness even while I am in the ground blind, when I practice, when I hang and remove stands.   It is your safety, you should use it all the time.

Lifeline:  I have every one of my stands set up with a “from the ground” lifeline that I connect to before my feet leave the earth.  Once you are used to it the muscle memory takes on no thought to do it.   And it should give YOU and your loved ones piece of mind every time you Go hunting.

Safety Strap:  Even in my stand locations where I have a lifeline I  firmly believe in an additional safety strap.   In my line of work as a professional firefighter we have at the minimum double redundancy when it comes to safety.  If in the case you do have a fall the secondary strap has many uses to self rescue.

Location and Accountability:   The old hunters’ secrets, “nobody knows where my stands are” should be out the window.   If you have an emergency it could take hours to find you just going by a vehicle location.  You do not have to tell everyone where your stands are, but you should have at least a rough may drawing in case of an emergency if you do not check in by a certain time and a search party has to be summoned.   This could be the difference between life and death.

These are just a few ways to make yourself safer when you hunt in a tree stand.  We all know them and it should be that easy.  However there are to this day multiple tree stand accidents.  Lets reduce it by at least one, don’t be a statistic.

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And I look forward to hearing your thoughts.   Be well.

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