How a Hobby Turned into a Passion: History and the Love of Waterfowl

As a college student in my second year of school at the world’s largest Christian university, trying to find stuff you can enjoy can be very different from those at a traditional school. While there are parties that go on off campus and attract a fair number of students, that was never really my scene. So, I thought that to occupy my time outside of the classroom, I reverted to my childhood of enjoying duck hunting and the outdoors and became immersed in that.

Sometimes I wonder if “I am a history major who has a love for waterfowl hunting, or if I am a waterfowl major who has a love for history?” Right now, I could not answer that, since there is still so much I must learn about both. In my Historical Methodology 300 class, we currently are starting a 8-10 page research paper on a topic of our choosing. While I enjoy the battle of Gettysburg, battle of Midway, and military history these are events that people already know a lot about. So, I figured that I would pick to research The Federal Duck Stamp and the effect it had on shaping the history of waterfowl hunting and conservation.

Stepping into the outline, I had to decide on what an outline would look like for this research paper. There were a couple of major things I needed to look at, like the affect of market hunting, legislation, and conservation efforts. Within these three things I noticed that there are factors that some people do not think of, like the effects of the Great Depression. Within the Depression and the Dust Bowl, the population of ducks in the Mississippi and Central flyways were destroyed due to a lack of moisture and over harvesting. However, perhaps the coolest part of this starting my research was learning about the different organizations like Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl who raise money and use a large portion of the proceeds to protect the wetlands and provide habitat for waterfowl.

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