Skull Hookers Euro Tree

Klamath Falls, OR – As hunting season has come and gone, you’ll be looking for ways to showcase your hard-earned trophies.  Skull Hooker® has long been the convenient, elegant solution to getting those European mounts on the walls of your trophy room, living room or office, naturally displayed for all to see — with no drilling or damage to the skulls.  Have multiple heads to hang with little available wall space? Skull Hooker is proud to offer a simple, sleek-looking solution with true customization for showing off multiple Euro mounts, the Skull Hooker Trophy Tree floor display.  

“European mounts have become a popular option, and many hunters have several skulls in their collection just waiting to be displayed,” said Rob Shaw, President of Skull Hooker.  “The new Trophy Tree allows hunters to easily display five or more Euro mounts on one stand without the need for any drilling into the skulls or walls, complete with customizable features for multiple poses/angles and a natural upright look,” he added.

The Skull Hooker Trophy Tree is constructed of high-quality powder-coated steel and weighs 31 pounds, so it’ll stand strong and hold those heads up high for years to come.  The Trophy Tree stands nearly five feet tall and can squeeze into corners nicely, saving space while adding classic decor to any room. It can hold any small to medium-sized skulls, which means you can display a multitude of animal species from around the globe including everything from antelope and deer to boars and bears. 

The Skull Hooker Trophy Tree is extremely versatile and completely customizable to your preference. It’s designed to offer 360-degree viewing at multiple heights.  Whether you align heads vertically, or stagger them from top to bottom, the methods for personalizing the look of your stand are endless.  For even more display room and customization options, additional attachments are also available separately including: pole extensions, European mount attachments as well as skull capped trophies and larger prongs to accommodate larger game species.

Securely hanging your European mounts on the Skull Hooker Trophy Tree is simple. All Skull Hooker brackets are designed to perfectly connect with the native holes and crevices found in the back of all animal skulls, and display in a natural position.  No drilling of the skull is necessary to hang, making set up virtually effortless. The Trophy Tree comes in a sleek black color to match any motif and has an MSRP of $179.99 with five trophy European attachments included.Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 12.20.59 PM

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