Halo’s new XLR1500

Halo’s new XLR1500

Long-distance hunters and precision shooters need to know the real distance to their targets in order to accurately place a bullet. A keen understanding of ballistics is useless without this critical piece of information. Halo’s new XLR1500 reaches farther than any Halo rangefinder ever has before, giving rifle hunters and long-range target shooters fast and accurate ranging out to 1500 yards. Precise to +/- one yard, the Halo XLR1500 automatically detects and compensates for elevation changes with AITM (Angle Intelligence) Technology, which results in the display of a true ballistic distance.

The XLR1500 Laser Rangefinder provides clear viewing of targets in a wide range of light conditions and at varying distances, courtesy of premium glass optics and 6x magnification. Its easy-to-read display clearly shows the reticle, battery status, mode setting, numerical display and unit of measure, which is selectable by yards or meters. The compact XLR1500’s lightweight aluminum body is both durable and functional. Its comfortable and ergonomically correct non-slip grip extends over the objective lens to minimize glare while increasing surface area for more reliable handling. The new XLR 1500 has an MSRP of $249.99 and will be available at licensed Halo dealers later this year.

Rick "THE BUTCHER" Bolinsky

Rick Bolinsky has a passion for the outdoors instilled in him by his Grandfather. As a lifelong hunter growing up in the Northeast Woods of Pennsylvania, Rick along with his favorite hunting buddy, Brother Ron read the works of famous PA hunters, Fred Bear and Bob Foulkrod. This only fueled the obsession and energy he shows for the progress of this way of life. Along with bow hunting Rick has a love of helping people in every way. From the joy of processing your harvest with friends and family, to finding physical fitness and health, I am excited to share, and tell the story of the hunt.

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