Ameristep Deadwood Stump Blind

Ameristep Deadwood Stump Blind

One of two all-new and highly unique Kick-Out blinds for 2018 from Ameristep, The stealthy Deadwood Stump Blind combines a field-proven hunter-friendly wall-hub design with all-new patent-pending kick-out technology to create the realistic profile of a large, dead tree stump; the floor kick-outs taper out at the bottom, creating the amorphous yet familiar shape. Proprietary TRUBarkTM HD camo completes the illusion with stunning conviction.

While kick-out technology contributes to the Deadwood’s realistic and convincing shape, it also adds room, utility and maneuverability inside. The three floor kick-outs provide welcomed extra storage space for gear and equipment, which would otherwise be underfoot. Additionally, these unique floor kick-outs offer the extra utility of attached floors and sewn-in shelves. The efficient design also gives hunters improved access to Deadwood’s versatile and inconspicuous windows, which are abstract in form to blend in better with the natural environment. Hunters can shoot directly through the replaceable mesh or adjust the silent window covers to customize their viewing and shooting options without making a sound.

Up top, dual roof kick-outs add height to the Deadwood where it’s needed most, creating a generous increase in headroom for standing and enhanced visibility. Even the blind’s wrap-style carrying sling delivers value-added utility, serving double duty as a handy, hanging storage system. Inside, a generous 104-inch-by-84-inch footprint and 75-inch shooting width allows ample space for up to three occupants to disappear against Deadwood’s stealthy ShadowguardTM interior. Look for the new Deadwood Stump Kick-Out Blinds at established Ameristep dealers later this year. MSRP is $279.99.

Rick "THE BUTCHER" Bolinsky

Rick Bolinsky has a passion for the outdoors instilled in him by his Grandfather. As a lifelong hunter growing up in the Northeast Woods of Pennsylvania, Rick along with his favorite hunting buddy, Brother Ron read the works of famous PA hunters, Fred Bear and Bob Foulkrod. This only fueled the obsession and energy he shows for the progress of this way of life. Along with bow hunting Rick has a love of helping people in every way. From the joy of processing your harvest with friends and family, to finding physical fitness and health, I am excited to share, and tell the story of the hunt.

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