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Here is a quick recap of the ATA show of 2018 and what this New Year means for us HUNTERS.  If you were fortunate enough to be an ATA member this will sound like old news.   However when you go to a manufacturer’s show similar to this one, there are some expectations and misconceptions if you are green to the like.  There are no retail sales here on the floor show, well at least there is not supposed to be.   Traditionally it is very relaxed and easy going, unless you have scheduled meeting and attempt to squeeze in a full length archery instructor certification course whose names will remain anonymous to protect the innocent.   But if you need archery classes contact Rick The Butcher at   lol.    It is not elbow to elbow traffic, you actually get to spend time with other industry professionals, manufacturers, media gurus and talk in depth about the things we love, hunting, comradery in the outdoors and really cool new stuff.   It is tough to hypothesize back to when our Grandfathers hunted or whoever got you started that it has changed so much.   Some products and methodology for the better, to enhance our experiences and some that seem take a little of the tradition out of the passion.  You have to ask yourself what you are doing this for.  If it is to kill the biggest highest scoring animal in the shortest amount of time that is on you.  I keep My hunting circle is small, for a different reason, we do it for the love, the passion of being a field.  However there were some really cool new innovations that I saw that could keep this passion alive and have the vehicle for the #eachoneteachone outdoors campaign that we are spearheading.  It is the Surround View 360 Blind by Primos Hunting.  I would like to say that I am honored that Primos Hunting is endorsing me as one of their esteemed Pro Staff.  This is simply not the case, this product wowed me and had me thinking what a great product that was equally mind boggling as it was entertaining to see full grown men and women popping inside and out because they could not believe what they were seeing.  I got to speak with Mr. Jimmy Primos briefly about this and he said with a grin that this might take it to a whole new level, promptly afterwards he punched me in the arm.  As a loving Grandfather figure would do to any his kin.  To say it is a game changer I could not agree more.  Look for this in early February. thumbnail (2)

So I will leave you once again to wander in the beauty of nature.  Get Outside with someone you have known for a long time that has forgotten, or someone new who has not had the pleasure to experience what we do.

Yours in the Outdoors   #eachoneteachone



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