Goose Hunting “Sprinkles”

The odyssey started years ago. Back when my beard grew in brown and not the grey that adorns my chin today.

I am an avid goose hunter, but admittedly mediocre on the goose call. I was late to the entire sport of hunting. My first hunt was at age 23. I had a buddy that offered to take me out to his blind so I quickly signed up for a hunters safety course, bought a shotgun and got my PA hunting license.

I was hell bent on making up for lost time. I hunted every weekend that first season and even managed to sneak out one or two evenings during the work week. One of the best moves that I made was signing up for a goose hunting specific website. I spent countless hours reading, emailing other hunters and taking part in the East Coast Flyway chat room.

I continued to hunt hard over the next several years. One of the conversations that almost always came up was ranking location, decoys, concealment and calling in order of importance. I had the opportunity to discuss this topic with several experienced hunters, professional guides, two World Champion Goose Callers and numerous Average Joe’s. The amazing part was the amount of opinions there were on the subject.

Here is my two cents that I gathered from all those years….

#1 Location – if there is no geese hanging around, then there is no chance to shoot a goose. I know that is a pretty obvious statement, but get out there and scout.

#2 Decoys – full body, flocked heads, wind activated motion decoys. Not sure what geese think, but this gets me every time. For the sake of argument lets add flagging into the mix here (if you cannot call, buy a flag). Just a quick footnote…I’ve killed my fair share of geese over silhouettes as well.

#3 Concealment – layout blinds are affordable and allow you to lay right on the X. Hunting from a pit or a blind over water is awesome, but not always feasible. Anyone that takes killing geese seriously can pick up a layout blind for a couple hundred bucks.

#4 Calling – I’m placing calling in the #4 spot simply because when done wrong calling can mess up #1 – #3 pretty quickly. If you want to call them in take some time to practice and take even more time to listen to live geese.

So to sum it all up think of goose hunting like an Ice Cream Sundae. You’ve got to put all of the ingredients together and if you put in the work, and spend plenty of time practicing, calling geese is like hitting that Sundae with rainbow sprinkles. It makes it just that much better!

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