Thanksgiving “Skunk”

Sometimes you’ve just got to go for it.

You’ve got to hope that a successful day in the field will make up for the cold shoulder you may end up catching from the woman of your dreams later that night.

My hunting buddy, Chef Jeff, had been keeping an eye on this field for the last couple of weeks. Nothing special….a few acres of recently harvested corn on the back end of a local nursery. Our scouting report said that we needed to get into this field soon so today this little field was holding a lot of promise.

The geese were making daily appearances and the numbers were building, but our marching orders had been laid down by the boss “be home before 10 a.m.!” So we were on a tight schedule.

My son (Cole), Chef Jeff and I decided that we needed to go for it. So there we were on Thanksgiving morning with three layout blinds, three dozen decoys and the desire to make a little holiday magic happen.

We got out to the field early, brushed up the blinds, set out the decoys and were ready to go by legal shooting time. Per our recon we had about a half an hour until things should get exciting. Like clockwork the telltale “Her-Ronk” sound could be heard in the distance.

The first flock came towards us from exactly where Chef Jeff had promised. Home by 10 a.m. would not be a problem this day until…they short stopped us and sat down at the farm across the street.

About the time the first flock landed the second flight could be seen and heard off in the distance. We got on our calls and Cole did some heavy duty flagging to no avail. They went right into the same field. For the next 45 minutes Mother Nature proved to us that the live geese in that field could not be beat.

We all decided that being home by 10 a.m. wasn’t going to be a problem. We just had to accept the fact that we were “skunked” on Thanksgiving.

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