So You tell Me You are in a Rut before the Rut

You hear  a lot of coffee table talk about a popular topic in all of the major trade publications and blogs, forums etc.,  Deemed by the experts as the “October Lull”.   I am not positive on who coined the phrase   if you do please email me and I will be sure to give the proper credit, so I apologize now.   For whitetail hunters we have been busting our butts from the last frost to plant clover and chicory, to getting in our late season food plots, freshening up our mineral sites hanging and brushing in blinds.  It seems like we live by our trail camera scouting through the early season trying to “pattern” our hit listers.   For me it felt like I was living by my trail cameras.   We have to remember it is a tool and not an exact science.    A great hunting mentor once told me, trail cameras are great tools.   But they only tell you where you should have been hunting yesterday.   So when your bucks disappear from your field edges and cameras don’t fret, don’t quit, have fun.  Accept the natural patterns, be patient and good things will come.  The only thing we can do before seeking and chasing phase  begins is rethink our fundamentals;   practice good scent control, play the wind, stay quiet, keep our movement to a minimum, some of these techniques and values our fathers, mothers, grandfathers, uncles, and everyone who had influence on our hunting.  It all seems great but as our frustration builds and we feel some of the passion dwindling, don’t lose hope.  Remember why we do this, For the Love of the Outdoors.  Good Luck this Season!  Have Fun!

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