Seared Duck Breast

We are just a month away from the opening of teal season and I can not wait to start wackin and stackin.  Most people over cook their duck, and well all wild game for that matter.  Here are some great tips from Chef Bri.

Duck is one of my favorite proteins. When done perfectly that fat is rendered and creates the most beautiful crunchy crust which is a perfect contrast to the rich yet sweet duck. But done poorly and you can have a chewy fatty mess that you are more than likely to toss out. So I’ve created a list of helpful tips on achieving the most perfect seared duck breast.


Below are some great tips for cooking duck from Chef Bri.

Here are my tips when cooking duck:

  1. Use a Cast Iron Skillet– You may notice that I use my cast iron skillet a lot, and you should too! That duck fat you lay down on it will help season your pan! Plus they keep heat so well.
  2. Add a tiny bit of oil to the pan – I’m talking about maybe 1 tablespoon, just to help get that duck fat rendering. Don’t use too much or else you won’t render the fat, and you will be left with fat on your breast and no crunchy crust.
  3. Score the Skin and Fat– take a knife and gently score the skin and fat on the duck breast. Be careful though, don’t cut all the way down to the meat. 
  4. Make sure your pan is Hot– Always make sure you pan is nice and hot when you place those breasts down. If you pan is not hot enough you won’t get the sear and color you are looking for.
  5. Always place the Breast Skin side Down– when ever you sear anything always sear with the presentation side down first!
  6. Don’t Touch– Its tempting but try not to move or touch the breast while its cooking, you don’t want to disturb that beautiful Maillard Reaction thats taking place.
  7. Cook to 122F then take it off the heat– Cook the duck breast to an internal temperature of 122F for rare and let it carry over cook to 125F. If you prefer more well done cook to 130F. 


Click on the image below for Chef Bri’s amazing Pan Seared Duck.

Click on the image below for the full recipe.


Steve Sheetz

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