Grand Prairie, TX (August 7, 2017) – The scouting camera revolution has forever changed the face of hunting. These amazing tools allow hunters to effectively scout game year-‘round – even when they aren’t really scouting. Whether at work, kicking back on the couch watching the game or tucked in for the night, hunters and wildlife managers stay in-the-know concerning comings and goings in the woods, thanks to scouting cameras.

The first scouting cameras were expensive, large and exceedingly cumbersome. They burned through batteries like a big, vintage V8 motor burns through gas, and their reliability was similarly questionable. Many hunters considered them a luxury that hardly justified the expense of time and money.

How times have changed.

Wildgame Innovations has lead the pack into the next generation of scouting cameras. Offering more models with more combinations of hunter-friendly features than the competition, WGI offers leading-edge full-featured cameras that defy imagination, as well as workmanlike, basic models. All WGI scouting cameras are competitively priced, offer exceptional battery life, and deliver worry-free reliability and performance in the field.

The unyielding parade of technology has led to an abundance of high-end cameras in today’s market.

The value of these cameras is undeniable, but many hunters don’t have the budget to own them – especially since the more-is-better philosophy appeals to a so many hunters who prefer to leave no stones unturned when it comes to game monitoring.

Responding to this need, Wildgame Innovations released the remarkably reliable and easy-to-use Terra 5 camera last year, which featured a surprisingly low retail price below $50. Lauded as a premier example of a camera providing the functionality hunters want at a price that makes developing a complete network of scouting cameras affordable, the Terra 5 ‘s strong battery life, compact size and capable features made this dutiful and economical performer a huge success.

Never content, Wildgame Innovations is expanding the successful Terra platform in 2017, offering two new Terra 8 models with enhanced features and performance for a similar great low price: the Terra 8 IR and the Terra 8 Lightsout™.

Both new Terra 8 digital scouting cameras feature upgraded 8-MP processors for increased resolution, sub-one-second trigger speeds, still image and 30-second video capability, and some of the best battery life in the industry: up to one year on 8 AA batteries. The new Terra 8 IR employs a 21-piece high-intensity LED infrared flash with a range up to 60 feet. The Terra 8 Lightsout™​ is equipped with a stealthy 36-piece high-intensity invisible BLACK LED infrared flash with a range up to 55 feet.


  • 8 MP IR HD LED Digital Scouting Camera
  • 21 pc high-intensity LED infrared flash
  • Less than one second trigger speed
  • Still and 30 second video capability
  • Flash range up to 60 feet
  • Energy efficient, up to one year battery life
  • Up to 32 GB SDHC card (not included)
  • Requires 8 AA cell batteries (not included)
  • Bungee cords included

Model #TR8i1-7

UPC: 6-16376-50935-3

MSRP: $49.99


  • 8MP IR HD LED Digital Scouting Camera
  • 36 pc high-intensity invisible BLACK LED infrared flash
  • Less than one second trigger speed
  • Still and 30 second video capability
  • Flash range up to 55 feet
  • Energy efficient for long term use
  • Up to 32 GB SDHC card (not included)
  • Requires 8 AA cell batteries (not included)
  • Bungee cords included

Model #TR8i1-7

UPC: 6-16376-50936-0

MSRP: $59.99

Hunters take their passions to all-new levels each passing year, and Wildgame Innovations helps them do so. Their reliable, easy-to-use new Terra 8 scouting cameras include the features and worry-free performance hunters want at astonishingly affordable prices. So go ahead and Terra-fyyour hunting property. Your new network of Terra 8 scouting cameras will be wide-awake while you nap on the couch.

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