Siberian Coolers Now Offering ALPHA Series Pro Package

BOZEMAN, Montana – Siberian Coolers, a company dedicated to meeting the needs of outdoorsmen who push themselves and their gear beyond the normal limits, is pleased to announce that, that its popular ALPHA Series of Coolers now comes with a wire basket and divider, the Pro Package.

The heavy duty wire basket is rated for dry ice use and the divider is constructed from food grade polyethylene, so it doubles as a conveniently stored cutting board.  The Pro Package is only available in the 45, 65 and 85 quart ALPHA Series of Coolers.

“We wanted to give our customers the ability to utilize the ALPHA Series of Coolers to the fullest potential right out of the box,” said David Cronk, National Sales and Marketing Director.  “The ALPHA Wire Basket and Cutting Board Dividers allow you to organize and pack your cooler to fit your specific needs.  Whether it is a day on the beach or packing game meat for the trip home, the ALPHA Series Pro Package has you covered.”

Siberian Coolers ALPHA Series Pro Package Key Features:

Roto-Molded One Piece Design

PE Foam Injected for Superior Insulation

Durable LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) Outer Shell

Heavy Duty Hard Anodized Aluminum Latches

Reversible EZ Slide/Sticky Rubber Feet

Stainless Steel Hinges

Tie Down Strap Slots

Hidden Pad Lock Plates

Heavy Duty FDA Approved Wire Basket

Food Grade Cutting Board Divider

Siberian Coolers Lifetime Warranty

Colors:  Granite or White

MSRP’s on the ALPA Series Pro Package’s:  45 qt:  $279.99, 65 qt:  $349.99, 85 qt:  $399.99


Bowhunters are always looking for the leading edge when it comes to gear selection. With shot placement, speed and kinetic energy all part of that once-in-a-lifetime shot at bagging a trophy, selecting the right arrow is key. Victory Archery® has revolutionized the arrow world with its 100-percent carbon arrow shaft designs and the all-new RIP TKO arrow is the ultimate hunting arrow.

So what makes the Victory RIP TKO the world’s most advanced hunting arrow? The .204 small-diameter shaft is constructed of 100-percent carbon utilizing the company’s MaxxKe™ Technology. MaxxKe is a 3K carbon weave that reduces torque at launch and gives the arrow much faster recovery time in flight. This also increases the spine consistency of the shafts of each arrow. The smaller diameter also decreases the potential for wind drift during arrow flight and has better speed and a dramatic impact on penetration.

The Victory Archery RIP TKO arrow shaft is available in three distinct versions to fit every shooter’s needs and budget. The RIP TKO Elite features an industry-leading straightness tolerance of +-.0001. There is also the new Victory RIP TKO Gamer that has a straightness factor of +- .003 and the RIP TKO Sport with a straightness rating of +-0.006. Each dozen has a +-0.5 gr weight tolerance, ensuring tighter groups at every level. The Elite, Gamer and Sport shafts are available in 300, 350 and 400 spines. The 300 and 350 have an 8.8 GP shaft weight, the 400 has 9.0.

Standard on all RIP TKO arrows are Victory’s Shok™ aluminum inserts. The Shok inserts increase kinetic energy and Front-of-Center (FOC). Shok inserts are made of a high strength 7075 hard-anodized aluminum and weigh 35 grains. If hunters need more, 303 stainless-steel Shok inserts weighing 95 grains are available. Both inserts accept 8/32-inch broadheads, so you can continue to use your favorite broadheads.

The Victory RIP TKO also features Victory’s trademarked Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating, which bonds with the carbon on a molecular level. This coating assists with the superior penetration the RIP TKO has on game animals, and it allows for easy removal from foam targets during practice.

Victory hand fletches every arrow with Bohning Blazer or Q2i Raptor II vanes. This gives each arrow optimal vane adhesion and alignment, for even better accuracy. That is part of the Victory Archery model – taking every part of the arrow under consideration to make the ultimate archery experience. 

Victory Archery has been a pioneer in developing the most technologically advanced arrows on the market with its full line of the world’s finest 100% carbon fiber arrows. With a team of engineers comprised of aerospace and composite material veterans, the company is more than an arrow company. Victory continually researches potential physical and chemical compounds in order to consistently bring leading edge products to market, first. While other companies are repainting old arrow designs, Victory Archery offers real innovation implementing proprietary computer aided design and exclusive carbon fiber materials technology having resulted in a number of design and process patents. 

Victory Archery offers a wide variety of products for both hunting and target shooters of all ages. For more information about Victory Archery visit, or call toll-free 866-934-6565.

TARPON SPRINGS, FL (July 25, 2017) – The original Gravedigger Hybrid Mechanical broadhead has inspired confidence in countless bowhunters since its debut in 2011. Using an innovative hybrid design incorporating the best characteristics of both fixed-blades and mechanicals, Gravediggers have repeatedly proven their ability to fly straight, penetrate deep and cut wide, devastating wound channels.

 For those bowhunters who prefer a purely mechanical design, Bloodsport’s popular Night Fury head has attracted a similarly enthusiastic following. Widely heralded as the most accurate mechanical available, the Night Fury‘s chisel tip penetrates deep to split bone, while its pair of wide, cross-opening cutting blades maximize tissue damage and blood loss.

 For 2017, Bloodsport is taking proven Gravedigger and Night Fury design and performance to the extreme – an oft-misused adjective within the realm of hunting-industry marketing, but a spot-ondescription in the case of Bloodsport’s two new Gravedigger Extreme and Night Fury Extremebroadheads.

Bloodsport Gravedigger Extreme Cut on Contact

The new 100-grain Gravedigger Extreme Chisel Tip and 100-grain Gravedigger Extreme Cut on Contact broadheads retain the notorious reliability and unmatched accuracy of the original Gravedigger, but extend the cutting diameter of the fixed blades from 1 inch to 1.25 inches, while increasing the cutting diameter of the cross-opening, curved mechanical blades from 1.75 inches to 2.25 inches. For those keeping score, that’s a total cutting path of 3.5 inches.

Similarly, the new 100-grain Night Fury Extreme preserves the deadly, true field point accuracy and punishing impact of the Night Fury, while increasing overall cutting diameter from 1.875 inches to 2.25 inches.

Extreme? Well, we think so, but suggest you try these new heads on your own hunting arrows this season and judge the results (and the descriptor) for yourself.

Ideal for both compounds and crossbows, no-fail Gravedigger Extreme and Night Fury Extreme broadheads require no fidgety rubber bands or O-rings that are easily lost or broken. Instead, like the originals, they employ Bloodsport’s patented Blade Retention System to control deployment of the mechanical cutting blades inside the target. A small, threaded set pin controls the tension on the expanding blades, affording the hunter full control and adjustability based on arrow velocity and the particular game being hunted.

The result? Confidence during the moment of truth that your arrow will fly true… and an extremely short and sloppy blood trail.

Bloodsport Night Fury Extreme

Bloodsport Gravedigger Extreme Hybrid Mechanical Broadheads

  • Weight: 100 grain
  • 1.25-inch cutting diameter main blades (replaceable)
  • 2.25-inch cutting diameter mechanical blades (replaceable)
  • 420 stainless steel blades
  • 7075 aircraft aluminum ferrule
  • Patented Blade Retention System
  • No rubber bands or O-rings
  • Guaranteed to cut, no matter what
  • No-failure broadhead
  • True field point accuracy
  • Sold in 3 packs

Two models available: #10820 Chisel Tip & #10821 Cut-on-Contact

MSRP: $39.99

Bloodsport Night Fury Extreme Mechanical Broadheads

  • Weight: 100 grain
  • 2.25-inch cutting diameter mechanical blades (replaceable)
  • Integrated chisel tip
  • 420 stainless steel blades
  • 7075 aircraft aluminum ferrule
  • Patented Blade Retention System
  • No rubber bands or O-rings
  • True field point accuracy
  • Sold in 3 packs

Model # 10818

MSRP: $39.99

In a world where everything seems to be described as extreme, grant Bloodsport the opportunity to use the word properly… in reference to the massive cutting capability and overall performance of their new Gravedigger Extreme and Night Fury Extreme broadheads. Whether you prefer hybrid or mechanical, chisel-tip or cut-on-contact, these three new failsafe heads will elevate your bowhunting experience through extreme accuracy, extreme penetration and extreme devastation. If you can think of a better word after hunting with them, feel free to let us know.

2018 Can-Am Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition 450/570

The Can-Am Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition ATV family has grown to include additional value for 2018. Along with the affordable Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition 570 package ($9,799 USD), a new Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition 450 ATV (starting at $8,999 USD) delivers even more value. The Can-Am Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition reinforces the Can-Am brand’s leadership in specialized vehicles and makes its family of Mossy Oak themed hunting vehicles more complete.
Both specialty ATVs feature class-leading performance (48hp Rotax 570 V-Twin and 38hp Rotax single-cylinder engines) and have comfort and convenience features like heated grips and thumb throttle, reinforced seat skin, black cast-aluminum wheels and a WARN winch. Full skid plates and new A-arm guards provide ample underside protection in rugged terrain. For outstanding concealment, the units all feature a Can-Am exclusive water-dipped Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo. The Mossy Oak Hunting Edition ATVs were designed in cooperation with the camouflage concealment and hunting expert Mossy Oak, including direct input from its Mossy Oak Pro Staff team.
– WARN winch
The package features a 3,000-lb. WARN winch with roller fairlead and fully sealed motor. The rugged, dependable winch can haul out big game and get hunters out of a pickle if needed.
– 6-ply tires and 12-in. aluminum wheels
The 26-in. (66.4 cm) Carlisle ACT HD (heavy-duty) tires offer a six-ply rating, giving the Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition excellent durability and dependable traction in rugged terrain. They’re fitted to 12-in. (30.5 cm) black aluminum wheels to complete the stealth look.
– Increased preload
The suspension preload was increased on the Mossy Oak Hunting Edition, so ground clearance was increased by 1-in. (2.5 cm) for even better off-road capabilities.
– Kolpin 6.0 Impact gun boot with rack
The Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition comes standard with a 6.0 Impact gun boot by Kolpin that attaches to an integrated mounting holder. The gun boot includes removable, shock absorbing foam and nylon Impact liner for superior interior protection. It also features a lockable hatchback design, snap-close cover and integrated handle.
– NEW Full aluminum skid plate
A lightweight, durable aluminum skid plates and new aluminum front A-arm guards ensure the underside (foot wells, center and front) of the Outlander ATV is protected from destructive rocks, stumps and other hidden obstacles.
– Heavy-duty front-and-rear bumpers
For an edgier and more rugged trim, the Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition ATV wears heavy-duty front and rear bumpers.
– NEW Heated grips and throttle
The Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition ATVs now include heated grips and throttle to keep the driver’s hands and throttle thumb warm in cold climates. The integrated kit features an LED dimmer that facilitates reading temperature settings and four temperature settings with individual controls for the thumb and grips. The system allows for one-touch shutdown and automatically returns to its previous heat setting.
– Handlebar wind deflectors
Wind deflectors provide improved protection from brush and cold weather and also offer a distinguished look.
– Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo
When it comes to concealment, nothing compares to the exclusive and innovative Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo. The highly durable water-dipped camo finish is more resistant to scratching, mineral deposits and sun fading. More importantly, it lets hunters match their favorite camo manufacturer with their favorite ATV brand.

Busted? Time to Make a New Plan

MUSKEGON, MI (July 17, 2017) – Getting busted by a bruiser whitetail buck is a gut-wrenching experience. All the time and energy spent scouting, checking trail cams and setting up stands becomes wasted the instant a rogue air current washes a few misplaced scent molecules over his highly-sensitive nose. He’s gone. And the gut-wrenching part comes when you realize he isn’t coming back.

It’s time to make a new plan.

Being winded by a whitetail’s supernatural snout is the cause of most unfilled deer tags. Replacing the anguish of a bowl of tag soup with the delight of a tasty tenderloin meal is the very reason ScentLok Technologies® created the odor-adsorbing hunting clothing category 25 years ago. And just like the fine bottle of wine that accompanies a fresh venison feast, ScentLok’s clothing line has improved with age.

Full Season Taktix Jacket (Men’s)

Proof of this claim can be seen in their newest line of Full Season Taktix men’s and women’s apparel. Simply put, it’s the best whitetail hunting clothing ever created.

The advantage of Full Season Taktix begins with ScentLok’s proprietary Carbon Alloy® technology, which goes beyond the simple antimicrobials used by others. This patented technology combines activated carbon with zeolite and treated carbon to trap and contain a larger spectrum of odors, while targeting specific odors that other technologies miss. When used in accordance with ScentLok’s Seven Steps to Success, that means the vast majority of a hunter’s metabolic and bacterial human odor is absorbed, along with much of the ambient odors they pick up along the way.

Full Season Taktix Pant (Men’s)

A full season sees its share of inclement weather. Full Season Taktix defies sprinkles to downpours with NeverWet®, a superhydrophobic treatment developed in partnership with Rust-oleum®. This permanent fabric treatment sheds massive amounts of rain and allows hunters to stay on stand when the skies open up. All of this is done without the noisy laminates or temporary DWR treatments used in other gear.

Now, consider the nuances of comfort and fit. ScentLok went to great lengths to ensure that Full Season Taktix is the most comfortable apparel a hunter can wear, while addressing critical details in design that contribute to hunter success, not detract from it. Sleeves and pant legs are carefully articulated, while underarm, shoulder and crotch areas provide the perfect amount of gusseting to allow hunters to sit, squat, climb, twist and turn in silence and without binding. Sleeves, too, extend to cover the back of the wrists for warmth and even more scent control. A trim, stretch-cuff design keeps bulkiness at the critical wrist areas to a minimum, so there’s nothing to interfere while drawing a bow or releasing an arrow.

Full Season Taktix Jacket (Women’s)

The Full Season Taktix Jacket sports five pockets, including two zippered waist pockets, two lower side pockets with hidden snaps for extra storage, and a concealed-carry chest pocket – perfect for housing a hunter’s personal protection handgun or smartphone. A thoughtful opening in back of the jacket allows a hunter to wear his or her life-saving safety harness inside the garment for better overall scent control. An extended tail and higher back also contribute to peak scent control.

The eight-pocket Full Season Taktix Pant includes quick-access side pockets that can be easily accessed while sitting down, as well as two cavernous cargo pockets. Zippered leg openings make slipping them on over boots a breeze, while five belt loops and a gripper side and rear elastic waistband keep them in place.

The Full Season Taktix Jacket and Pant look as good as they perform, thanks to DuoTone accents. DuoTone increases effective concealment by overlaying darker, contrasting camo accent panels over standard camo patterns in key locations. Catering to the personal camo preferences of any hunter, Full Season Taktix Jackets and Pants are available in Realtree Original, Lost Camo XD, Realtree Xtra and Mossy Oak Break-Up COUNTRY.

Full Season Taktix Pants (Women’s)

ScentLok Full Season Taktix Overall Features

  • Carbon Alloy® technology
  • NeverWet® superhydrophobic coating permanently repels water and heavy oils
  • DuoTone technical overlay panels enhance concealment
  • Wicking treatment for moisture management
  • Deadly quiet micro tricot outer fabric
  • Micro fleece inner lining for warmth
  • Multiple camo patterns available
  • Men’s and women’s styles available
  • Sold as separates / Men’s sizes M – 8XL / Women’s sizes XS – 2XL

MSRP: 149.99 – $159.99 per piece

ScentLok Full Season Taktix Jacket Features

  • Extra-large chest pocket holds sidearm securely
  • Two zippered waist pockets
  • Two lower side pockets with hidden snap for extra storage
  • Abrasion-resistant shoulder and tail panels
  • Articulated sleeves
  • Underarm and shoulder gussets
  • Stretch fit cuff panel for a tapered, trim and secure fit
  • Safety harness access opening

ScentLok Full Season Taktix Pant Features

  • Eight pocket design
  • Gripper side and rear waistband for a secure fit
  • Articulated knees
  • Gusseted crotch and inner thigh
  • 18” leg zippers

If you’ve been busted by a bruiser buck’s nose, you aren’t alone. Take heart; it doesn’t have to be that way. Make a new plan this season, and make ScentLok’s proven odor-control apparel the foundation of that plan. The all-new Full Season Taktix Jacket and Pant represent ScentLok’s most advanced line of hunting clothing ever… and, quite possibly, the best investment a deer hunter can make.

Próis to Launch New Camo Pattern Exclusively Designed for Female Hunters

Gunnison, CO — Próis® Hunting & Field Apparel, manufacturers of the most technical, high-performance hunting apparel in the industry designed by women hunters for women hunters, has partnered with Full-Throttle Communications.  The full-service marketing and PR agency will work with Próis providing full public relations support as the company prepares to launch: Próis Cumbre™ by Veil® Camo, the first ever camo pattern exclusive to Próis and the female hunting industry.

When it comes to the highest functioning, best fitting hunting apparel for women, Próis is the top choice among avid female hunters.  Since day one, the company has remained steadfast in its commitment to creating technical apparel specifically designed to meet the performance needs of die-hard female hunters with no frills and all function — and a camo pattern that provides the best concealment advantage is no exception.  This is exactly why the company worked side-by-side with Veil® Camo on the design process to create an innovative pattern that provides optimal concealment, exclusively for women who hunt hard.

“We have been heavily involved in the design process of the new Cumbre pattern, working closely with Veil® Camo to create a pattern with a diverse western landscape in mind, while also utilizing colorations that provide excellent concealment in all regions, and we’re proud to finally start sharing it with the industry,” said Kirstie Pike, CEO of Próis Hunting & Field Apparel.  “We’re excited to enlist our friends at Full-Throttle Communications for their expert PR support to help us share this exciting news with the industry,” she added.

“Próis is on the leading edge of providing the female hunting market with gear that will take field performance to the next level, and the new Próis Cumbre by Veil® Camo is no exception,” said Jason Bear, President/CEO of Full-Throttle Communications.  “This camo pattern is going to be THE camo pattern for women, and we’re excited to help spread the word to female hunters across the globe.”

About Próis Hunting & Field Apparel
Próis has been the leader in women’s technical hunting gear since 2008 and believes women hunt hard and deserve the highest performing gear to support their pursuits.  All Próis gear is engineered expressly for women and the company utilizes only the most top-rated performance fabrics to provide wind stopping, wicking, waterproofing, silence and thermoregulation. The company’s out-of-the-box thinking has resulted in award-winning designs that have raised the bar for women’s outdoor apparel.  For more information about Próis Hunting & Field Apparel, visit: Pró

Whitetail Wisdom

Lee Lakosky on scouting camera strategies 

By Josh Lantz

Hunters have scouted game since the dawn of man. Watching, learning and ultimately understanding when and where game is likely to appear in relation to food and water sources, divergent habitats and amidst specific weather patterns and seasonal changes gives hunters a strategic advantage. The more we scout, the more we learn, and this knowledge makes us more efficient and effective. It impacts our decision-making and shapes the way we pursue game.

Today’s scouting cameras have changed the landscape of hunting. These affordable, high-tech marvels have helped turn hunters into game managers by giving us continual information about the specific wildlife on the properties we hunt. Even a modest network of just a few, well placed scouting cameras can provide far more information on animal behavior than a single hunter could otherwise garner from hours of traditional scouting.

But despite their capabilities, scouting cameras are often used in ways that unnecessarily limit their advantages. True enough, sometimes they can even become a disadvantage – especially when we allow our use of scouting cameras to pressure deer or otherwise impact their behavior.

Lakosky primarily uses cameras for inventory, and only rarely for trying to kill a specific buck, so he keeps most of them in accessible, non-disruptive locations and checks them as little as possible.

Few whitetail hunters invest more time afield in a year-‘round capacity than Lee Lakosky. Lee and his wife, Tiffany, star on the hit TV show CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany on Outdoor Channel. The couple has been in the public eye since they married in 2003 and began making outdoor television – much of it on the land they own and meticulously manage for trophy whitetails in Iowa. In a world of fake news, unchecked social media and an abundance of TV shows that make the harvest of trophy whitetail bucks seem routine, viewers can believe what they see on The CRUSH TV. For Lee and Tiffany, their vocation is both a passion and a privilege, so they never stop working and never take the hunting public’s trust for granted.

Thanks to a sponsorship arrangement with Wildgame Innovations, a company owned by Plano Synergy, Lee and Tiffany have the benefit of running literally hundreds of scouting cameras on their 15 different Iowa farms. I recently spoke with Lee and asked him a series of questions about his scouting camera strategies.

Lantz: Tell me a bit about your home farm and how, when and why you use scouting cameras there.

Lakosky: We typically use 300-400 during the hunting season in Iowa, and at least half of them seem to stay up all year long because there’s always something going on. Tiffany and I really enjoy shed hunting and it’s an important part of our scouting. Our cameras tell us when and where certain bucks are dropping their antlers, so they give us good intel about where to start looking. Then it’s turkey season and then after that you’re into the antler-growing season. That’s a really great time to use cameras because it’s neat to see how individual bucks develop their racks throughout the whole growing season. I have a big 190ish deer behind the house I’m watching right now. Cameras are definitely a year-‘round scouting tool, because they can provide so much helpful information.

Lantz: How do you decide how many cameras to use on a given property?

Lakosky: Every place is different. I’ll have cams mostly on food sources… we can feed in Iowa during the off-season, so every farm has a couple feeders. You could use a dozen cameras on a single 15-acre food plot, so a feeder really helps concentrate deer in summer so we can keep a much better inventory. During the hunting season we look for the key food plots deer are using, which can change quickly. I may have five cameras on a two-acre field, especially if I know I have a big buck using it. I keep moving them around if I need to home in, but you’ve really got to be careful with that, especially during the hunting season. If I need to check or move a couple, I’ll do it when I get down from the stand after the morning’s hunt. On average, I’ll have two or three cameras on every food plot, along with cameras on scrapes in the timber. Again, more is better. You’re going to miss a lot of big deer with only a couple cameras. People who know they have a big buck but don’t get daytime images always assume he’s nocturnal, but he isn’t; they just don’t have enough cameras out. Does are fairly predictable, so that really helps once the rut starts. A buck will usually only be with a doe for two or three days before she shoves him out, so you’ve got to stay on top of that. I may use four Cell Cams within a relatively small area during those brief, key periods, because they’ll send the images right to my phone and I don’t have to go in and muck anything up. Hunters should put out everything they have once they start honing in on the key areas where they’re chasing, then be prepared to move things around a few days later.

 Lantz: Tell me about the different types of cameras you use and why.

Lakosky: We have a live camera behind the house, so we can watch and see how deer respond to different scouting cameras. Some deer definitely avoid them and some don’t care at all – even with a white flash. I really like the 360 Cam because it can be put on a field edge away from or even between scrapes. Some deer really have it out for cameras… especially when they’re right in their faces on scrapes. Those deer will skirt them. Because the 360 Cam detects motion in 360 degrees and can capture images in any direction, I’ll put them 10-15 yards away from a scrape on a field edge – even between scrapes on the same field edge – and it will capture every deer that hits them. I’ll get three to five times as many pictures using the 360 Cam that way versus a regular camera placed right on or right by the scrape. I also really like the Cell Cam in places where you don’t want to pressure deer by having to visit the camera. Overall, the Wildgame Innovations Cloak is our go-to camera. They do everything we need a camera to do. The price is right and the battery life is really good so they don’t need any undue babysitting. Both the standard IR and black LightsOut flashes work great. Our live cam has shown us that there isn’t a big problem spooking deer with either type, but the LightsOut black flash model does a better job at catching trespassers and is less likely to be located and stolen. We just received one of the brand new Silent Crush 20 LightsOut cameras and it’s absolutely incredible. The shutters are completely silent and because it uses separate daytime and nighttime cameras, there’s also no IR filter to make any noise either. That one is going to be a definite game-changer.

Tiffany’s 181” bow kill from last season was her biggest ever. The Lakosky’s scouting camera network was used to document this exceptional buck’s development over several years. The exciting hunt appears on the current season of The CRUSH TV on Outdoor Channel.​

Lantz: Once you determine where you want a camera located, what considerations do you make when actually placing it?

Lakosky: Limbs, grass and weeds can trigger a lot of bad pictures, which decreases battery life and increases the amount of time it takes to review pictures. Summer foliage is at its peak by July, so now is the time to prune branches and kill weeds at all likely camera locations. I’m actually doing that now… got the sprayer on the ATV and I’m killing grass and weeds everywhere I’ve got a camera and everywhere I think we might need to put a camera. You know where the scrapes are going to show up, so kill the grass and weeds at all those locations. I’ve learned that bucks won’t start scraping a lot of times until the weeds die, so if you kill the weeds under the licking branches, they’ll actually start sooner. When placing a camera on a scrape, I try to avoid putting them right on the scrape tree. I’ll put them high and 10-15 feet away facing down. I get more pictures this way because that camera isn’t right in the deer’s face.

Lantz: Camera settings confuse a lot of folks. What settings do you typically use on your cameras and why?

Lakosky: First, make sure any camera is set on 24 hours so you’ll get both night and daytime pictures. For a camera on a feeder or mineral site, set it to trigger with a minute delay between images, not five seconds or 15 seconds or you’ll have way too many images. Again, all that does it waste your time and battery life. I know my farms and, generally, where deer bed, feed and cruise, so most of my cameras are set up on field edges and key routes in and out of the timber. These locations are easy for us to get to and not disruptive. A lot of our bigger bucks…  they all come out of the timber and into the big fields… and then they go back. For those cameras on scrapes and routes in and out of the timber, I’ll put them on five seconds to make sure I get good shots. If they are there for three minutes, I want 50 different pictures of them. We do use video mode in the summer. The Flextime+ time lapse feature on the Wildgame Innovations cameras is nice if you don’t have a lot of cameras. It takes video clips at pre-defined time intervals to save batteries. The video stuff is neat in the timber on the scrapes, but with so many cameras, it’s too much for me to manage.

Lantz: What are some of the common mistakes that folks make when using scouting cameras?

Lakosky: I primarily use cameras for inventory, and only rarely for trying to kill a specific buck, so that mentality affects where I put my cameras and how often I check them. I keep them in accessible, non-disruptive locations and check them as little as possible. When there’s a big buck around, people get obsessed with visiting their cameras too often and blowing out their deer – especially when they aren’t even hunting them. Be careful trying to kill a big deer with your game cameras. You can do it, but it becomes really easy to push him out. My suggestion is to stick to the food plots and field edges. Also, a lot of hunters don’t pay enough attention to their doe pictures. I look closely at when and under what conditions I’m getting a lot of doe pictures… day vs. night, the calendar, weather conditions, etc. It pays to look at and study whatever metadata your camera can provide. If does are moving during the day, bucks usually are too. Bucks are just deer. Try to figure out and understand when and why they are moving.

Lantz: The new season of CRUSH with Lee and Tiffany began on June 26. What can viewers expect to see?

Lakosky: This new season has a good mix of fun and interesting hunts. I shot a Muskox in Greenland, and we filmed plenty of local hunts as well. Tiffany took one of her biggest whitetails ever with her bow – a 181” buck that we’ve been watching here at the farm for the past three years or so. That deer has a really interesting history that we were able to document with our game cameras. Your readers can get a sneak peak here.


Plano, IL (July 18, 2017) – Tactical shooters run a lot of lead. They need durable and affordable ammunition boxes to keep all that expensive ammo, safe, dry, organized and secure – at home, on duty, or at the range. Whether shooting is your passion or part of your occupation, Plano Molding Company makes the cases that protect your firearms, accessories and ammunition until pressed into duty.

New for 2017, Plano’s new Tactical Ammo Crate provides shooters with tough and economical storage for tactical tonnage. Its stackable, heavy-duty molded shell carries a surprising amount of weight without deflection, while a precision molded lid closes securely with durable snap-down latches. The Tactical Ammo Crate can be further secured with padlocks, courtesy of twin hasps. Ergonomic handles are molded in on either side to afford a positive grip.

On the inside, the new Tactical Ammo Crate boasts 975 cubic inches of storage space, which can be separated in up to four dedicated compartments with two included, removable dividers.

Plano Model 1071600 Tactical Ammo Crate

  • Heavy-duty material and stackable by design
  • Two removable dividers create four separate storage compartments
  • Durable snap-down latches
  • Padlock tabs Molded-in heavy-duty handles
  • Interior dimensions: 12.312” x 9.312” x 8.5”
  • Exterior dimensions: 16.25” x 13” x 9.5”
  • Made in the USA

UPC 0-24099-71600-0

MSRP: $19.99

The new Tactical Ammo Crate packs a lot of ammo- and gear-toting grunt, and is an affordable value at just $19.99. There simply isn’t a more durable ammunition storage box at this price. It reports for duty along with three new Tactical Long Gun Cases and a new Tactical Pistol Case to form Plano’s new-for-2017 Tactical Series of hard cases. See them all – along with the rest of the company’s hardworking hunting and shooting products – at

Meet Your Match

Plano, IL (July 13, 2017) – Fourteen years after helping to pioneer the injection molding process in America, Plano Molding Company founder Warren “Pete” Henning returned from a Florida fishing trip in 1952 with the desire to improve the tackle box. Tired of bulky metal boxes that rusted quickly, Pete set out to create a lighter, rust-proof product that could withstand saltwater fishing trips. Henning’s molded plastic tackle box would revolutionize – if not create – the tackle storage industry. But the tackle box was just the beginning for Plano Molding Company. The company quickly realized the basic concept of molded plastic storage could benefit more than just fishermen.

Today, Plano manufactures and distributes thousands of innovative hard and soft products to help anglers, gun owners, archers and hunters protect their passion. And most of these products are still proudly made right here in the USA.

Meet Your Match

With so many helpful products borne of 65 years of unrelenting innovation, Plano is excited to introduce customers to the new The all-new website allows consumers to browse, experience and learn about the storied Plano brand and all of its individual products. Most significantly, perhaps, the new user-friendly, interactive website allows consumers to find the specific Plano products that best meet their individual needs with new levels of speed and efficiency.

“Nobody likes spending hours scrolling through products looking for what they need,” says Plano Synergy VP of Marketing, Pete Angle.  “Whether searching for soft tackle storage options or specific hard cases for a new crossbow, the new Plano website helps customers find products fast. They can also sort different products by category and compare features and specs side-by-side to quickly learn about and select the ones that best meet their needs.”

A Legacy of Performance

But the new’s utility doesn’t end with access to speedy product information. Plano is celebrating 65 years of product innovation, and the website is a premier source for information on the various technologies that make Plano products perform above all others. “From Pillarlock to Hydro-Flo, our patented technologies help make Plano products perform better so our customers can focus on enjoying the outdoors experience,” Angle continues.

Protect Your Passion

Ultimately, the Plano brand and its category-leading products are all about protecting what’s special. From that new custom precision rifle to your grandfather’s split-cane fly rod to your investment in lures – Plano products are trusted by millions to organize, store, protect and transport the valuable gear that fuels their escape from everyday life. Start planning yours now at