An Enduring and Evolving Advantage for Hunters

An Enduring and Evolving Advantage for Hunters

MUSKEGON, MI (June 9, 2017) – Aside from their primitive weapons, early hunters employed many of the same tactics used by modern hunters today: spot and stalk, post and drive, attract, ambush. And while one can argue that time, evolution, changing game populations and relentless pursuit have combined to make hunting much more challenging today than any other time throughout human history, one truth remains the same: Killing any game animal or predator requires beating its remarkably advanced senses.

Eyes and ears can be defeated with stealth and woodsmanship. Noses, however, are not as easy. Hunters would gain a distinct and enduring advantage in 1992, when ScentLok Technologies was incorporated. Company founder, Greg Sesselmann, brought a green liner suit to market that utilized activated carbon technology to dramatically reduce a hunter’s odor signature.

ScentLok is celebrating 25 years of helping hunters get closer to big game. ScentLok Technologies Founder, Greg Sesselman, shown here in early ScentLok apparel, pioneered activated carbon technology to dramatically reduce a hunter’s odor signature in 1992.

Sesselman’s hunting suit used proven technology; activated carbon has been used to treat water for over 2,000 years. But the original ScentLok suit was activated carbon’s first known application in both the hunting and apparel markets. Additional breakthroughs would refine the application, making it more comfortable, more practical and even more effective.

In 2001, ScentLok pioneered a specialized lamination process to produce garments that were lighter, more comfortable and more durable. In 2012, they launched a patent-pending Carbon Alloy technology, which combines activated carbon with zeolite and treated carbon to adsorb a larger spectrum of odors, while targeting specific odors better than ever before. ScentLok rebranded in 2014, and began offering their odor-adsorbing advantages to new consumers in the adventure, footwear and pet markets.

The company’s march forward is unrelenting.  Through 25 years of continual research, ceaseless testing, ongoing innovation and challenging consumer education, the small, Michigan-based company has grown to become the largest and most-trusted manufacturer of activated carbon scent-control apparel. That’s quite an accomplishment in a growing and crowded industry with more than its share of here today and gone tomorrow brands and products. Indeed, ScentLok’s remarkable longevity is a testament to both its products and people.

For ScentLok Technologies Owner and CEO, Patrick Hylant, his company’s successful 25-year history is much more than a milestone worthy of celebration; it’s also an indispensible map suggesting key pathways into an exciting future. “We’ve earned what we’ve achieved through the hard and smart work of our dedicated team members, pro-staffers and retail partners,” says Hylant.

“Through unyielding effort and tenacious defense of our technologies, we’ve produced an exceptional brand with incredible products that lead – if not define – their category. But at the end of the day, real success is all about the customer and exceeding their expectations in terms of performance and service. That’s our ongoing goal, because when accomplished, it creates what many in business call a loyal customer base. But at ScentLok, we call it a family.” And ScentLok’s family is now well over a million strong.

Customer-centric pathways stand out boldly on ScentLok’s map to the future. The company’s new Brand Ambassador Program, for example, will be launched later this year. It provides customers with a variety of unique opportunities, including participation in product design and development activities, selection for prototype field-testing, and chances to be featured in ScentLok marketing campaigns. The outreach program will also offer exclusive discounts, early access to new products and special giveaways.

ScentLok gained traction in 2012, when the company launched their patent-pending Carbon Alloy technology, combining activated carbon with zeolite and treated carbon to target and adsorb a larger spectrum of odors.

 “We believe strongly that the end users of our products should have a voice in how they are developed,” says ScentLok VP Marketing, Nick Andrews. “We’ve always believed in collaboration. Our pro-staff is one of the deepest in the industry and we rely heavily on their input. Now we want to provide even more of our customers with new ways to work directly with our team.”

 ScentLok’s unique brand and hunter-proven products have become a significant part of the heritage of modern hunting. And in 2017 – their 25th year – one things seems clearer than ever: their innovative spirit and customer focus will ensure that ScentLok products remain an enduring and evolving advantage for hunters for many years to come.

Steve Sheetz

Steve is an avid outdoorsman who has been fortunate enough to publish two books on archery hunting. His first book, For the Love of the Hunt, was published in 2011. His second book, Wading Through the Darkness was published in 2015. Steve sits on numerous Pro Staffs throughout the archery industry. For almost a decade Steve helped build but wanted the opportunity to build something bigger and better and launched in December of 2014 as a way to share his love and passion for the outdoors. Today Chasin'Whitetails Media is growing. With the addition of the radio show in 2014 and a The Heartbeat TV show in 2015, who knows what will come his way next. When it comes to understanding the movement and logic of the urban whitetail and waterfowl, he is more than just a Ph.D. with a love of the outdoors. He is a self-proclaimed expert who loves to engage and teach others about the sport he loves so very much. Spending over 125 days a year in the big city woods and urban waterways chasing all types of game.

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