Father’s Day Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Father’s Day Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank


The age-old war against foot odor is history, thanks to ScentLok Socks with proprietary Silver AlloyTM technology. This technical footwear goes well beyond holding scent molecules at bay, and actually helps to prevent the macrobacteria that causes stinky feet in the first place. Starting at just $12.99 per pair, ScentLok’s extensive line of comfortable and eco-friendly socks includes a variety of unique models made to take stink-foot out of Dad’s life – and the lives of those around him – wherever he goes.

Tenzing TX 15 Pack

Hunting glory is within Dad’s reach. Tenzing’s new TX 15 provides any hunter – regardless of experience levels or budget – with a premier daypack that will perform at the highest level during any pursuit; all for a retail price below $130. Featuring 2,000 cubic inches of storage in a total of eight compartments and pockets and Tenzing’s renowned comfort, quality and performance, this lightweight hunting pack keeps all of Dad’s hunting essentials organized and readily accessible. It’s available in either Realtree Xtra or Kryptek Highlander camo, and is backed by Tenzing’s Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera

Make the process of connecting Dad’s trailer to his truck exponentially easier with an iBall Wireless Trailer Hitch Camera. Eliminate Pop’s towing woes and boat ramp angst and help him become a trailering pro, simply by snapping an iBall to his bumper. Inside the vehicle, the 5-inch color LCD plugs into any auxiliary power port, providing a crystal clear view of anything behind the tailgate. Operating on a 5.8GHz wireless frequency, iBall won’t interfere with other wireless devices and transmits a clear video signal up to 100-feet. The iBall camera features an industrial strength magnet for instant mounting and removal, and is durable and weather resistant. It even works at night, thanks to infrared lighting. MSRP is $169.96.

Barnett Whitetail Hunter II

Whether it’s Dad’s first or fifteenth crossbow, the new Barnett Whitetail Hunter II checks every box.  A feathery overall weight of 6.4 pounds, impressive speed of 350 feet per second and a manageable 150-pound draw weight make the Whitetail Hunter II an ideal bow for crossbow hunters of all skill levels and sizes. Fast and effective target acquisition comes courtesy of an included 4x32mm multi-reticle scope, while a magnesium riser and pass-through foregrip with finger safety reminders make the Whitetail Hunter II a dream to shoulder and easy to steady. Versatile Realtree Xtra® camo contributes to effective concealment on any hunt, regardless of the season or conditions. A serious bow for any game, the Whitetail Hunter II comes complete with two Headhunter arrows, lightweight quiver and a rope cocking device for an average retail price below $400.

FLIR Scout III Thermal Vision Monocular

Give Dad the gift of vision in any conditions. The FLIR Scout III Thermal Vision Monocular displays the heat emitted by people, animals in any lighting conditions, seeing clearly through full sun, dust, haze or total darkness. Scout III can also clearly see landscapes and objects like trees, rivers, and trails, making it the perfect, powerful tool for a range of activities, including searching for a lost pets, observing nocturnal wildlife, way finding at night, scouting, or retrieving downed game. Available in 240-, 320- and 640-pixel resolutions providing true-to-life video speeds of up to 60 Hz, the Scout III can detect a human-sized object at over 1,200 yards away. Prices start at $1,999.


Out with the old decoys…in with the new. No better time than Father’s Day to kickstart Dad’s decoy development project. And arguably the best building block is a lifelike set of mallards. Avian-X® Topflight Preener/Sleeper mallard decoys were created by world-champion decoy carver, Rick Johannsen. These decoys deliver the ultimate in realism to any spread. The Topflight Preener/Sleepers perfectly capture the posture and anatomy of sleeping, resting and preening mallards, with a level of realism that standard production decoys cannot match. Six-pack of mallards includes three drakes and three hens for $79.99.


It’s gardening season. (Or “improving the environment for big bucks season” in Dad’s eyes.) Grow bigger, healthier deer with Evolved’s Rack-Up Trophy Class. Formulated to be the preferred source of minerals for your deer herd, Rack-Up Trophy Class contains more than double the minerals of most other deer mineral products. Rack-Up Trophy Class is loaded with the vital minerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and molasses. And at only $12.99, you’ll have money left over to spend on geranium baskets and garden gnomes.  


The old man needs another hobby (addiction), right? Time to pick one that’s practiced far and wide, and provides the perfect shoulder-season between deer, ducks and turkeys: predator hunting. Get all warm and fuzzy this Father’s Day with Flextone’s Lure™ Motion Decoy. Designed to attract all predators and work well in conjunction with electronic mouth calls, the Lure Motion Decoy features shaking and rotating motion from a rabbit-like fur sleeve. Includes tall grass stake and runs on two AA batteries (not included.)  This wascally wabbit hops out the door for $29.99.


Dad’s eyesight ain’t getting any better – hence the dime-store reading glasses and constant squinting. Well, you can’t help with his short-range vision, but you can assist with spying antlers on the horizon line. Hunters and shooters in the market for a rangefinder with true long-range capability will do well to check out the NEW Halo ZIR10X Laser Rangefinder, a well-engineered 1000-yard model with features well beyond its $229.99 price tag. Delivering accuracy to +/- one yard, the Halo ZIR10X automatically detects and compensates for elevation changes with AI™ (Angle Intelligence Technology), which results in the display of a true ballistic distance. Spare the “cheaters” and magnifying glass – go long-range.

ZINK Calls

What’s the perfect accoutrement to go along with the half-dozen Avian-X mallards? No doubt, it’s ZINK’s new Mallard Drake Whistle with its unique, custom-painted greenhead design. This call accurately reproduces the full range of low-frequency tones and vocalizations real drake mallards make when they have something to say. With practice, the Zink Drake Mallard Whistle also easily and realistically mimics the sounds of other whistling species like pintails, widgeon and wood ducks. It’ll only dent you $12.99, too.

Wildgame Innovations

Dad will love spying on big game while he’s kicking back on the Laz-E-Boy watching the big game. So, let’s say you want to buy a camera that has it all – a camera that has more DNA in common with professional photo and video production equipment than a scouting camera. Well, look no further than Wildgame Innovations. Such a marvel of game-monitoring gadgetry exists in the form of the CRUSH 20 LightsOut™ Invisible IR Scouting Camera. An awe-inspiring 20-megapixel processor produces gin-clear-perfect images with an available 16:9 option, ideal for capturing wide-angle images on food plots and other large, open areas. Need video? Of course you do. The CRUSH 20 LightsOut™ Invisible IR Scouting Camera also captures 30-second HD 720p video with full audio capability.​

No Limit Archery

Dad digs archery? Index trigger releases are the most commonly used release by all archers, with no significant advancements in this category over the past 10 years UNTIL NOW. Introducing the Magnetiks™ line of releases featuring ZERO Creep™ Trigger/ZCT Technology. With the placement of the magnets in relationship to the pivot point of the trigger, our team has created a true ZERO Creep™ Trigger which will always give you reliable sear engagement, eliminating misfires. Available in anodized aluminum and composite. Thwack. That’s the sound of a meticulous kill shot. Thanks. That’s what Dad will say when he sees you back at camp.


Has Dad been very, very good? Then toss in some broadheads with his new trigger release. It’s the most monumental development in broadhead technology since the original Gravedigger. The new Gravedigger Extreme Hybrid Mechanical broadhead delivers even more devastating results. With hardened stainless steel blades that create a deadly 2¼” cutting diameter, this blade penetrates the hide and then deploys inside for maximum blood loss. Consider a meat grinder and jerky making kit for Christmas. 

Steve Sheetz

Steve is an avid outdoorsman who has been fortunate enough to publish two books on archery hunting. His first book, For the Love of the Hunt, was published in 2011. His second book, Wading Through the Darkness was published in 2015. Steve sits on numerous Pro Staffs throughout the archery industry. For almost a decade Steve helped build Huntonly.com but wanted the opportunity to build something bigger and better and launched Chasinwhitetails.com in December of 2014 as a way to share his love and passion for the outdoors. Today Chasin'Whitetails Media is growing. With the addition of the radio show in 2014 and a The Heartbeat TV show in 2015, who knows what will come his way next. When it comes to understanding the movement and logic of the urban whitetail and waterfowl, he is more than just a Ph.D. with a love of the outdoors. He is a self-proclaimed expert who loves to engage and teach others about the sport he loves so very much. Spending over 125 days a year in the big city woods and urban waterways chasing all types of game.

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