Step Out with Confidence and Comfort in JAGDHUND Footwear

Step Out with Confidence and Comfort in JAGDHUND Footwear

BESSEMER, Ala. (May 17, 2017) — JAGDHUND, the Austrian-headquartered clothing line steeped in tradition, quality and innovation, is pleased to offer U.S. consumers its exclusive line of footwear. Three styles of boots and one style of rugged shoe are now available for both men and women. All four styles in the JAGDHUND footwear line are breathable and completely noiseless, making them ideal for any outdoor activity.
The three JAGDHUND boots, Schöpfl, Koppl and Pötschn, feature the proprietary SYMPATEX membrane between the leather upper and the upper lining. This special membrane protects the foot from exterior moisture, while keeping the boots completely breathable. Regardless of the weather outside, the inside of these boots will always be comfortable. In keeping with the JAGDHUND tradition of quality and utilizing the very best materials, all three boots as well as the Brand shoe offer the renowned Vibram® rubber outsoles. Known for its abrasion resistance, water- and winter-proof characteristics, the Vibram rubber outsole was developed and patented by mountain climber Vitale Bramani together with Pirelli and Goodyear engineers. The unique deep-tread design of this outsole guarantees the wearer the best of function while providing maximum comfort with an extra-long life span.
JAGDHUND footwear are designed to specifically address the varying needs of the outdoor enthusiast. Each features nubuck upper leather that is thorn and abrasion resistant; aniline leather lining; and removable, cushioned and contoured Volume Control Plate (VCP) insoles. All of the boots are designed to provide excellent ankle support for maximum stability at all times.

The Schöpflboot is the lowest-cut boot, and its upper leather is .22-cm thick. The Schöpfl is ideal for all-season wear and can easily manage mountainous terrain with pre-established paths. The boot weighs just less than 1.5 lbs., and its suggested retail price is $273.95 for a pair.

The Koppl provides the tallest shaft height in the JAGDHUND footwear line, and it was designed to take on more challenging conditions and rugged terrain.Its mid-height shaft ensures excellent ankle support for maximum stability at all times. The Koppl is perfect for mountain conditions, intense hiking, fixed-rope routes and bouldering. Weighing only 1.5 lbs., this boot features .28-cm upper leather, a bellows-style tongue, rubber coating on the heel and toecap, and a flex zone in the heel to protect the Achilles. Internal temperature regulation, and water, thorn and abrasion resistance make this the ideal boot for those seeking adventure in adverse and challenging conditions. The Koppl has a suggested retail price of $300.95.

At the apex of the JAGDHUND boot line is the Pötschn, an exceptionally comfortable mid-height boot. Designed to conquer extreme terrain, this boot has .28-cm thick upper leather, a bellows-style tongue, internal temperature-regulation, and a rubber rand coating around the boot’s circumference that bonds the midsole to the upper. The special flex zone in the heel adds extra protection to the Achilles tendon during especially strenuous climbs. The Pötschn bootweighs 2 lbs., and the suggested retail price is $451.95 for a pair.

The Brand shoe isthe lowest cut of the JAGDHUND footwear line. This design is ideal for everything from time in the field to everyday wear. Weighing in at only 1 lb., the Brand features .22-cm leather upper leather. With a suggested retail price of $218.95, this comfortable, durable shoe is functional, durable and stylish.
All four selections are available conveniently online through Steyr Arms on the JAGDHUND USA webstore, Each style is available in men’s U.S. sizes 6 to 13 and in women’s sizes 8 to 15. Free returns and exchanges of unused footwear are available for all orders.
Combining the passion for hunting and quality innovation, JAGDHUND is an Austrian brand, well known and respected across Europe and many other parts of the world for its traditional hunting clothing made from all-natural materials including wool, camel hair, and cotton. JAGDHUND—“hunting dog” in German—manufactures men’s and women’s jackets, shooting vests, waterproof capes, pants, shirts, polos, base layers, hats, scarves, shoes and boots. Contact JAGDHUND’s exclusive U.S. importer and distributor Steyr Arms for more information at 2530 Morgan Rd., Bessemer, AL 35022; call (205) 417-8644; or visit for more details.

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