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Morris Boatman

The Morris Boatman is a little known late season stillwater pattern developed by fly tier Skip Morris. The Morris Boatman imitates a small water boatman and these little bugs get very active late in the season. Huge trout will chase these little bugs down like missiles. There is nothing like a water boatman hatch! It turns ordinary trout into killer trout! The Morris Boatman is best tied in sizes #14-16, but can be tied larger or smaller. My favorite color is the Olive version, but the Silver version is also very effective! Do not forget these little bugs in your box. The “Boatman” hatch is one of those overlooked stillwater secrets!!

Morris Boatman Fly Tying Recipe: Hook: #14-16 Daiichi 1270 or Tiemco 200R Bead: 7/64-3/32 Black Cyclops Bead Thread: Olive Veevus 12/0 Underbody: Olive Micro Velvet Chenille Casing: Teal Feathers Body: Olive or Dark Green Flashabou Legs: Olive Lifeflex Glue: Thick Loon UV Fly Finish ENJOY OUR VIDEOS? SUPPORT US AND DONATE TODAY: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! –… Visit Our Website: Follow Us On Facebook: Follow Us On Instagram: Follow Us On Twitter:

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Steve is an avid outdoorsman who has been fortunate enough to publish two books on archery hunting. His first book, For the Love of the Hunt, was published in 2011. His second book, Wading Through the Darkness will be published in 2015. Steve sits on numerous Pro Staffs throughout the archery industry. For almost a decade Steve helped build, but wanted the opportunity to build something bigger and better and launched in December of 2014 as a way to share his love and passion for the outdoors. Today Chasin'Whitetails Media is growing. With the addition of the a radio show in 2014 and a The Heartbeat TV show in 2015, who knows what will come his way next. When it comes to understanding the movement and logic of the urban whitetail and waterfowl, he is more than just a PHD with a love of the outdoors. He is a self proclaimed expert who loves to engage and teach others about the sport he loves so very much. Spending over 125 days a year in the big city woods and urban waterways chasing all types of game.

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