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Moultrie’s Game Spy 2 is Feature Packed for 2017!

50-foot motion-detection range, 50-foot flash range and a lightning-quick trigger speed make the Game Spy 2 Plus game camera exceptionally diverse.

Boasting a 50-foot motion-detection range, 50-foot flash range and a lightning-quick trigger speed of 1 second, Moultrie’s Game Spy 2 Plus scouting camera captures multi-shot photos and video to meet your basic scouting needs without a hefty price tag. From monitoring a food plot to keeping tabs on a heavily used trail, the Game Spy 2 Plus has the capabilities to functions flawlessly in any scouting location.

Never again miss any nighttime action with a flashed equipped with 24 LEDs and 850nm nighttime infrared technology to illuminate game up to 50-feet away in total darkness, meaning the game you pursue will never see you coming. With a micro case that literally fits in the palm of your hand, the Game Spy 2 Plus is green and blends in with its surroundings while offering a fully weatherproof plastic exterior for seasons of problem-free service.

Outfitting your entire property has never been easier or more attainable than with the ultra-affordable Game Spy 2 Plus camera, which has value in mind right down to its minimalistic battery consumption—capturing 14,000 images on 6-AA before its batteries need changing.

Moultrie Game Spy 2 Plus Highlighted Features:


A flash equipped with 24 LEDs and 850nm nighttime infrared technology illuminates game up to 40 feet away in total darkness—for maximum coverage with minimal intrusion.


Manage image quality and storage with 2 resolution settings—low (2MP) and high (9MP)—and capture 4:3 aspect ratio video in 640x480px.


Multi-shot and single-image modes offer hunters customizability.


A sturdy case with a weatherproof plastic exterior comes with standard 1/4″-20 bottom tripod mounts and back slots for use with an included nylon strap or python lock cable (sold separately) for tree mounting. A python lock-compatible clasp offers added security.


Works with SD/SDHC Class 4 cards or higher and can handle up to 32 GB cards.


Requires 6 AA batteries and captures approximately 10,000 images

Highlighted Specifications:

  • Resolution: 9 MP
  • Trigger speed: 1 seconds
  • Flash range: 50 feet
  • Illumination type: 24 LED / 850nm infrared flash
  • Detection range: 50 feet
  • Video: VGA (640×480)
  • Photo Resolution: Low, 2MP – 1920×1080 / High, 6 MP – 4608×2592
  • SD Card: 32 GB max

Moultrie Game Spy 2 Plus MSRP: $59.99

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About Moultrie

As the leaders in game management, Moultrie’s dedication to producing reliable and easy to use products has kept Moultrie as the top-selling brand in trail cameras and game feeders, for over 35 years. With an insight for innovation, a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, Moultrie is driven to develop new and superior products, year after year.

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