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Birmingham, AL — Summit Treestands®, the industry leader in producing innovative and cutting-edge methods for hunting from an elevated position, has developed a line of innovative products to make your treestand hunting more organized, efficient and lethal.  These products include the; Harness Storage Pack, a small and large Utility Pack, Phone Pouch, Tool Pouch and a Harness Accessory Kit, which includes the Large Utility Pack and the Phone and Tool Pouch.

Harness Accessory Kit

When you’re up in your tree-stand and need to access your binoculars, cell phone or any another piece of essential gear, the last thing you want to do is rustle around in your backpack and alert nearby bucks. Or, worse yet, drop something you need 20 feet to the ground.

The solution? Simple: Make sure your essential items are easily accessible with the Summit Harness Accessory Kit, a family of three different-sized bags that were specifically designed to carry and store necessary tree-stand accessories by attaching to your Summit Safety Harness Pro. These bags include the Tool Pouch that will hold most commercial tree-stand saws and shears, the Utility Bag Large that will hold climbing ropes, binoculars and more, and the Phone Pouch which will fit up to an iPhone 6PLUS.  All of these packs conveniently attach to most locations on your Summit Safety Harness Pro using the MOLLE-style attachment system. With each bag designed in a different size, it’s easy to find the right fit for a variety of gear shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize the location and accessibility of your accessories, so you’ll always be ready when the bucks are calling.

No more fumbling. No more spooked deer while you’re hunting for your gear. No more frustration. Let the Summit Harness Accessory Kit keep you organized and focused during all your hunting excursions.

Harness Accessory Kit Highlighted Features:

  • Convenient Gear Accessibility

By attaching directly to your safety harness, the Harness Accessory Kit provides hands-free storage for your gear for easy access any time.

  • Safety Harness Compatibility

Designed for attachment with the MOLLE-style attachment system on the Summit Safety Harnesses Pro.

  • Includes 3 Different Sizes

Each bag is constructed in a different size to accommodate a wide range of gear. The large Tool Bag is great for holding binoculars, a climbing rope and hold most treestand saws or shears, the long Utility Bag is an optimal location to store your saw while hanging stands, and the Phone Pouch is just the right size for your cell phone.

Harness Storage Pack

There are few things more frustrating than fighting with a safety harness. The Summit Harness Storage Pack is designed to help ensure your safety harness stays organized and tangle-free—ready for each time you need it.  The Summit Safety Harnesses Pro will fold into the Harness Storage Pack, with the tether going into the pack last.  This will result in the harness coming out tether free every time!

The Harness Storage Pouch also doubles as a storage place for gear by attaching it to the MOLLE-style attachment system on the Summit Safety Harness Pro—both men’s and women’s styles—or you can use it to wear your harness like a fanny pack for easy transporting in and out of the woods.

With the multifunctional convenience of the Summit Harness Storage Pouch, you’ll realize just how much time you spent untangling your harnesses.

Harness Storage Pack Highlighted Features:

  • Tangle-Free Harness Storage

By storing your safety harness in this pouch, it will remain free of tangles and ready for frustration-free use.

  • Functions as a Wearable Pack

The harness Storage Pouch makes it easy to carry your harness into and out of the woods with its innovative design that allows you to wear your harness at your waist.

  • Convenient Gear Holder

Simply attach the Harness Storage Pouch to the MOLLE-style attachment system on your Summit Pro Series Safety Harness and use it to hold saws, pruners and other gear while you hang stands and climbing steps.


Summit Harness Storage Pack: $24.99

Summit Utility Pack – small:  $12.99

Summit Utility Pack – large:  $15.99

Summit Phone Pouch:  $9.99

Summit Tool Pouch:  $9.99

Summit Harness Accessory Kit: $29.99

For more information about any Summit Treestands, Summit Accessories or Summit Safety Harness products, contact Glenn Walker at or visit

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