Hunters Become the Hunted

Dallas, TX (January 4, 2017) – Nothing gets the attention of a mature whitetail buck faster or more completely than the scent of a hot doe. From the time he begins making scrapes during the pre-rut period through the end of the rut, a whitetail buck’s sole mission is to track down and breed every receptive doe he can find.

Made with 100-percent pure whitetail doe-in-estrus urine captured and packaged at the peak of freshness, Wildgame Innovations’ new Wild Estrus BURST is a highly effective aerosol attractant that will command the full attention of any buck that smells it. Useful all season long, Wild Estrus BURST is especially effective during the pre-rut and rut periods when bucks are actively seeking does by creating a powerful airborne vapor trail of estrus doe scent; a trail that can lead bucks right back to the hunter who deploys it.

Wild Estrus BURST is fueled by Wildgame Innovations’ new Airborne Technology, which employs proprietary mixing processes to suspend more super-potent scent molecules in vapor form than competing products by other manufacturers – up to 600% more. Put simply, Wild Estrus BURST’s Airborne Technology allows more scent to be carried farther than ever before.

Unlike other scent attractants that simply disperse downwind and attract deer through a relatively narrow scent corridor, Wild Estrus BURST is also UV-enhanced with Glo-Cote, adding a 360-degree visual queue that attracts deer by sight from all directions. Deer are naturally curious creatures, and their response to Glo-Cote is the very definition of Pavlovian. Upon discovery, whitetails are rewarded with a positive experience, and can learn to associate the UV glow with food, nutrition or – in this case – the scent of a hot doe. Field-testing has proven that deer attractants and areas such as food plots, bait stations, feeders, mineral sites and agricultural crops treated with Glo-Cote are discovered and frequented within 24 hours of application (some even sooner) and receive significantly greater traffic and usage when compared to untreated sites and products.

Containing over 100 potent bursts per can, Wild Estrus BURST can be sprayed in bursts from the stand or blind, creating a powerful and compelling vapor scent trail for extreme long-range attraction. It can also be used to freshen up scrapes or to saturate lures or drags. Wild Estrus BURST’s user-friendly leak-proof spray nozzle effectively atomizes the product into a fine, micronized vapor for maximum scent dispersal while directing the scent away from the hunter.

Wildgame Innovations’ Wild Estrus BURST is made in the USA.


  • Attracts bucks with 100% estrus doe urine, captured and canned at the peak of freshness
  • UV-enhanced with Glo-Cote for additional attraction deer can see
  • All-season use, but especially effective during the pre-rut and rut periods
  • Multi-hunt-ready with over 100 bursts per can
  • High-pressure nozzle delivers micronized vapor for extreme, long-range attraction
  • Newly designed nozzle prevents getting product on hands or gear
  • New larger 7 oz. can (207 ml)

Mfg. Item # FG-00443

UPC 8-50695-00443-8

MSRP: $12.99

Experienced deer hunters know that wary whitetail bucks are at their most vulnerable during the pre-rut and rut periods when their unyielding quest for hot does overrules much of their survival sensibility. Take full advantage and transform from hunter to hunted. Make him search for you with the powerful airborne persuasion of Wildgame Innovations’ new Wild Estrus BURST.

 Wild Estrus BURST is just one of Wildgame Innovations’ exciting new whitetail attraction products employing Airborne Technology for all new levels of scent dispersal and powerful long-range attraction. All of Wildgame Innovations’ new-for-2017 products will be unveiled at the ATA and SHOT Shows this month and begin shipping to retailers later this year.


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