SureCan and Mossy Oak Ink Partnership Deal

WEST POINT, MS – Mossy Oak has officially partnered with SureCan Incorporated to offer an all-new design of gas cans sure to solve all of the problems created from pouring gas.  The gas cans feature a patented spill-proof technology certified by the Department of Transportation, the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board. 
Decorated with Mossy Oak’s best-selling Break-Up Country® camo pattern, the Mossy Oak designs feature a rotating spout and thumb release trigger, allowing the flow of fuel to dispense from the bottom of the can, putting gravity to work and alleviating the pourer from the hassle and mess that comes while using all other inferior products.  Now, bending over in awkward positions and getting gas all over yourself and the equipment being filled are things of the past.
The SureCan Mossy Oak Editions are self-venting and feature comfortable grips conforming to the natural design of human hands.  Owners are fully backed by a one-year warranty.  SureCan Mossy Oak® Editions are available in two sizes – 5-gallon (18.93 liters) and 2+ gallon (8.33 liters).
For more information or to order the SureCan Mossy Oak® Edition, call 801-827-0500 or visit
SureCan incorporated is best-known for their award-winning fuel cans. Since their launch into the market place in 2015, SureCan has been growing a dealer and distributor network at a very vast pace taking the market by storm! SureCan is now a National and Global product shipping across the United States, Canada and many other countries.    
Haas Outdoors Inc. is headquartered in West Point, Miss., was established in 1986 and is home of Mossy Oak. For more than 30 years, Mossy Oak has been a leading outdoors lifestyle brand that specializes in developing and marketing modern camouflage designs for hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. The Mossy Oak Brand and patterns can be found on a multitude of products worldwide. Haas Outdoors Inc. is the parent company of Mossy OakBioLogicMossy Oak ProductionsMOOSE MediaNativ NurseriesNativ LivingGameKeepersGameKeeper Kennels and Mossy Oak Properties.Mossy Oak is the official camouflage of the National Wild Turkey FederationDucks UnlimitedQuality Deer Management Association and Mack’s Prairie Wings and the official pattern of B.A.S.S.MLF and Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.
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GloryNock Hits the Market in 2018

San Antonio, Texas-based GloryNock™ is the premier lighted nock manufacturer producing the most advanced, reliable and user-friendly lighted nocks on the market.  Founded by Stu Minica, the original inventor of Nockturnal® lighted nocks, and well known for his legacy in engineering state-of-the-art archery products, the company will be offering in 2018 a full line of high performance lighted nocks in a wide range of colors and sizes.  And these nocks are unlike anything archers have seen in the field before.  A degreed mechanical engineer and avid archer, Minica has incorporated remarkably simple elements into the design of GloryNock lighted nocks that allows for easy and dependable operation of the lighted nock without a hole in the side and no tools required.

“We’re committed to doing things like no one has ever done before. We’ve taken all of the common problems and ‘dislikes’ of lighted nocks currently on the market and focused our efforts on engineering solutions to these problems in the new GloryNock design,” said Minica.  “With our new patent-pending technology, the GloryNock is the most user-friendly nock to use.  Throw in that GloryNock lighted nocks are both lighter in weight and brighter than top competitors and you’ve got an all-around amazing product that archers are going to be truly excited about in 2018,” he added.

With 20 years of product design under his belt with 14 years in the archery field, it’s no surprise that Minica has thought of every minute detail that would enhance an archer’s performance and experience.  For starters, Minica ditched previous designs that were not dependable, difficult to turn off and required tools to do so or had holes for blood and guts to get stuck in.  Minica innovated an ingenious solution to easily activating and de-activating the bright LED by simply using the bowstring (and thumb press for de-activating), no tools necessary.  Once turned on, GloryNock lighted nocks can stay lit for over 20 hours.

The GloryNock will be available for both vertical bows and crossbows in a wide variety of sizes to suit any archer’s needs and preferences including four initial colors of: red, green, blue and pink.  GloryNocks are made in the USA and have a suggested retail price of $24.99/3-pack and $9.99/single pack.

About GloryNock
GloryNock is a brand of Doubletake Archery, LLC based out of San Antonio, TX.  Created by the original innovator of Nockturnal® lighted nocks, GloryNock is the next level in lighted nock innovation. The new full line features brighter, lighter nocks that users can easily turn on/off and are dependable with simple bowstring activation and de-activation (no tools required).  GloryNock lighted nocks are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, and are made in the USA.  Patent pending.

*Nockturnal is a registered trademark of FERADYNE OUTDOORS, LLC. GloryNock is not associated with Nockturnal or FERADYNE OUTDOORS, LLC.

For more information on the full GloryNock line, visit GloryNock on Facebook or Instagram, or visit

2018 Line Up From HHA

Wisconsin Rapids, WI – Single-pin bow sight technology leader HHA™ Sports unveils the next generation in its award-winning Optimizer single pin line-up — the Optimizer Tetra. The new-for-2018 sight combines increased adjustability capabilities with leading-edge sight technology, making it the ultimate moveable pin sight for archers looking for the pinnacle in accuracy this season.

What makes the HHA Sports’ new Optimizer Tetra single-pin sight the most accurate sight available? For starters, it has a full 2.1-inches of vertical travel with the Integrated SP-50 Infinite-Adjust Bracket. This allows for infinite adjustability to the scope housing and allows the shooter to dial in the bow to extreme levels of accuracy as well as get the most range out of the preprinted yardage tapes. The Optimizer Tetra Sight features full-brass gearing accompanied by a rack and pinion gear wheel that offers the shooter easy and smooth elevation adjustments along with unmatched durability. There is an all-new windage adjustment that allows for both major adjustments as well as micro adjustments to the sight. For those wanting unlimited perfection and accuracy, second and third axis adjustments have also been integrated into the Tetra. 

The Optimizer Tetra, like other amazing HHA Sports Sights before it, features tool-free adjustability. This allows the massive amount of adjustment and accuracy to be done without the need for wrenches or other tools.

As with all HHA sights, the Optimizer Tetra features the company’s patented R.D.S. (Range. Dial. Shoot.) Technology. This means, once you’re dialed in at 20 and 60 yards, you’re on target – to the yard – out to 100 yards. Once you’ve got the bow dialed in and found the corresponding preprinted yardage tape, you’re going to be on target at any distance. It’s just that simple. HHA Sports also updated the yardage wheel to a Ninja-Star Wheel design for easier operation no matter what the conditions are.

Each sight is CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum. The mounting bracket is a straight frame, hunter-style set up that fits all bows. The sight pin, available in .019 and .10 sizes, is protected by HHA Sports’ A.R.M.O.R. Pin technology that completely protects the pin from the harshest conditions with a CNC-machined aluminum guard. This lets you go afield with full confidence that however tough the going gets, the sight on your bow will remain as true as it was when you left the range. The adjustable rheostat feature on the scope housing controls the amount of fiber optic wrap exposed to light to ensure your pin is bright and viewed as clean and clear as possible regardless of the time of day. 

The HHA Sports Optimizer Tetra will accept HHA Lens Kits and well as the 2500 Burst Light. It is available with a 1-5/8-, or a 2-inch scope housing. It has an MSRP of $249.99. Each Optimizer Tetra sight carries a 100-percent lifetime warranty and is Made in the U.S.A

About HHA Sports
For more than 30 years, HHA Sports has been the leader in single pin technology producing superior sights and accessories for archers.  With a passion for the outdoors, the company’s development team has created a line of products rich with exclusive features – from its patented R.D.S. technology to its A.R.M.O.R. Pin Technology – that set the brand apart from all others. With an eye firmly fixed on detail, HHA Sports is committed to creating the most highly functional gear.  Products are all Made in the USA and backed with a 100 percent lifetime warranty.   All this means whether you are scaling some of the world’s toughest terrain on a hunt, or shooting for gold in a championship round; you can always expect the very best, most accurate shooting from HHA Sports.  For more information about HHA Sports, visit:

Waterfowl Call Buyers Guide

Waterfowl Call Buyers Guide

I was recently asked by a friend of mine how he should go about buying a duck and goose call.  We probably had a good 20-30 minute conversation over the phone about what to look for.  The purpose of this article is to hopefully steer you in the right direction when you go looking for a new waterfowl call.

Waterfowl calls range in price from the mere 10-15 dollars to into the hundreds, and in some cases, in the thousands of dollars.  I don’t expect any hunter to go out and spend $1,000.00 on a waterfowl call, but there are some who do.  It should all start with what is your maximum budget.  Once you figure out that number, then you can go forward into investigating some of the waterfowl calls that are out there.  For a normal, everyday hunter, I would not spend more than $100 dollars on a waterfowl call.  If that is too far out of your price range, you can always buy a call that is less money.  But we should go into materials next.

There are three major materials that calls will be made out of in today’s market.  The first and most expensive is acrylic.  Acrylic calls are almost indestructible and will last your lifetime if you take care of it.  Acrylic does not expand or contract due to weather or moisture which is a good thing considering waterfowl hunting deals with both regularly.  Acrylic comes in all shapes, sizes and colors to please the eye and hand of almost any hunter.  Acrylic calls tend to be louder and have a sharper tone and break than calls made from other materials.

The second prevalent material is wood.  There are many types of different woods that waterfowl calls are made of that are available to the consumer.   The most common types of wood you are going to find are Cocobolo, African Blackwood, and Maple to name a few.  Wood waterfowl calls have the most pure tone to them.  They are going to have a softer sound than acrylic and less crisp tone and breaks.  However, the downside of wood calls is that the wood can expand and contract due to weather and moisture.  This can make the call sound different in each situation and not just the sound of the call after you tested it in the store.  Wood is also somewhat fragile.  Wood can crack due to constant expansion and contraction, as well as can break by being dropped, stepped on, sat on, etc. IMG_0887

The last material most commonly used for making waterfowl calls is polycarbonate.  This is a type of molded plastic.  These calls are going to be your least expensive calls in the waterfowl call market.  In saying that, the call is not going to have as crisp of sound as the other two materials, and will be vulnerable to temperature changes and pressure.  However, the polycarbonate is going to be a bit stronger than wood.  The most appealing about polycarbonate calls again is the price tag.  You can buy many different kinds of calls and calls for different species for the same price as one acrylic or wood call.

Next thing to look at when deciding what kind of call you want to get is single reed or double reed.  With most goose calls and subspecies of such, the only type of reed you can get is single reed.  But when it comes to duck calls, single and double reed calls are offered.  A single reed call is going to be easier to blow with less air required into the actual call.  A single reed will have crisp notes and till normally be louder.  A double reed call will need more air blown into the call to produce the desired sound.  The double reed call will be quieter, raspy, and will not be able to produce wide ranges of notes like a single reed call will.

Since we have discussed so many things about materials, reeds, prices, one of the most important aspects of deciding on which call you want to purchase is what the call is going to be used for; whether the call is used for competition, open water hunting, timber hunting, learning how to use a call, or just using a waterfowl call as a hobby.  Each individual call, made by whatever manufacturer, made with whatever material, with single or double reeds needs to be tested prior to buying.  Every call that I own, has been tested prior to purchase, except for one that is a decorative piece in my house.  I suggest that anyone in the market to buy a new waterfowl call look at the above suggestions, go to a store and test one for yourself.

Until next time, good hunting and stay safe.

Hunting Northeast Coast Big Water

IMG_0397 (1)

Hunting Northern East Coast Big Water

Hunting the Northern reaches of the United States is very different from Southern states.  Whether it be temperatures, types of ducks, terrain, and water, it is all both very different but very exciting nonetheless.

I had the privilege of being part of a four man hunting group to hunt sea ducks in one of the Northern United States.  I won’t disclose the location or the state because this is a honey hole I choose to keep within my hunting partners.  However, what I can tell you, is the trip was an absolute blast; literally and figuratively.  I was amazed, that even though I know a great deal about duck hunting, this trip would not only  educate me more on duck hunting, but would use some of my previous knowledge to help bag a two day limit for four hunters.


The trip started out leaving my home state of Maryland through the night and arriving at the boat ramp just before sunrise.  One difference in the Northern states from the Southern is instead of having to battle sand and grass in the water, we had to deal with rocks.  The ocean floor is not only covered with rocks, but large island size rocks had to be navigated on our way to our hunting spot.  This means, if you decide you would like to hunt the Northern United States, I would only hunt using an aluminum boat.  If you have a carbon fiber boat…forget about it or buy/borrow a metal boat.  Running into any of these rocks without a metal boat will most certainly cause your boat to sink and possibly injury or death.

We used an aluminum jon boat to reach our hunting destination and then used a layout boat.  We used long lines of Scoter and Eider decoys stretched in straight lines and curves to replicate rafting ducks.  Each day (two days) we would set up just adjacent to a rock island where the ocean was calmest for the layout boat.  We would then have the wind direction in a right to left fashion so the ducks would land in such a way where our guns would be swinging right to left, in our natural motion.

I did not expect to see such clear ocean water.  The water was a bright bluish green where you could see a good 10 feet down.  Seals would emerge regularly and say hi.  Ducks were flying by all day with stretches of lull where nothing was happening.  These down times called for a take in of the fresh ocean air, stunning landscape beauty and just the overall contentment of hunting with friends.

Ducks would come in by the singles and by the quads.  We shot Common Scoters, Eiders, and even caught a white wing Scoter and a Surf Scoter.  The four man team ended the trip with a two day limit of 40 birds.  If you haven’t yet thought about hunting the Northern United States, I would definitely consider it.  If you can arrange it in your schedule, everyone should try.  If you don’t know where to go or think the task is too daunting, you’re more than welcome to get a hold of me and I can steer you the right direction.IMG_0418 (1)

Until then, good hunting and be safe.

Goose Hunting “Sprinkles”

The odyssey started years ago. Back when my beard grew in brown and not the grey that adorns my chin today.

I am an avid goose hunter, but admittedly mediocre on the goose call. I was late to the entire sport of hunting. My first hunt was at age 23. I had a buddy that offered to take me out to his blind so I quickly signed up for a hunters safety course, bought a shotgun and got my PA hunting license.

I was hell bent on making up for lost time. I hunted every weekend that first season and even managed to sneak out one or two evenings during the work week. One of the best moves that I made was signing up for a goose hunting specific website. I spent countless hours reading, emailing other hunters and taking part in the East Coast Flyway chat room.

I continued to hunt hard over the next several years. One of the conversations that almost always came up was ranking location, decoys, concealment and calling in order of importance. I had the opportunity to discuss this topic with several experienced hunters, professional guides, two World Champion Goose Callers and numerous Average Joe’s. The amazing part was the amount of opinions there were on the subject.

Here is my two cents that I gathered from all those years….

#1 Location – if there is no geese hanging around, then there is no chance to shoot a goose. I know that is a pretty obvious statement, but get out there and scout.

#2 Decoys – full body, flocked heads, wind activated motion decoys. Not sure what geese think, but this gets me every time. For the sake of argument lets add flagging into the mix here (if you cannot call, buy a flag). Just a quick footnote…I’ve killed my fair share of geese over silhouettes as well.

#3 Concealment – layout blinds are affordable and allow you to lay right on the X. Hunting from a pit or a blind over water is awesome, but not always feasible. Anyone that takes killing geese seriously can pick up a layout blind for a couple hundred bucks.

#4 Calling – I’m placing calling in the #4 spot simply because when done wrong calling can mess up #1 – #3 pretty quickly. If you want to call them in take some time to practice and take even more time to listen to live geese.

So to sum it all up think of goose hunting like an Ice Cream Sundae. You’ve got to put all of the ingredients together and if you put in the work, and spend plenty of time practicing, calling geese is like hitting that Sundae with rainbow sprinkles. It makes it just that much better!

Girls with Guns Clothing

RED BLUFF, CA – Girls with Guns Clothing is excited to announce the launch of their second boot collaboration with The Original Muck Boot Company – the Woody PK boot in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country! The Woody PK is GWG’s answer to our customers’ request for a lighter boot made for non-arctic conditions.
This boot is the perfect 3/4 season boot; comfort rated from subfreezing (0° to 32°) to 65°, the Woody PK’s are 100% waterproof with a breathable PK mesh lining to circulate air and keep your feet warm and dry. The lightweight CR Flex-Foam neoprene provides heat retention, flexibility, impact resistance and shock absorption while the MD2 Bobbed molded outsoles reduce boot weight and offer an aggressive tread pattern to help you conquer the steepest terrains.
Taking note of customer demands, we designed the Woody PK boot in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country to meet the needs of the serious outdoorswoman. The Woody PK also features GWG’s signature teal logo accents, which can easily be covered by hunting pants for a more discreet look. These boots will match GWG’s Fall 2017 Mossy Oak hunting line.
The new GWG® Woody PK boot retails for $144.99 and is now available at and in select GWG retailers that also carry Muck Boots.
Girls with Guns is an officially licensed partner of Haas Outdoors Inc. Haas Outdoors Inc. is headquartered in West Point, Miss., was established in 1986 and is home of Mossy Oak. For more than 30 years, Mossy Oak has been a leading outdoors lifestyle brand that specializes in developing and marketing modern camouflage designs for hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. The Mossy Oak Brand and patterns can be found on a multitude of products worldwide. Haas Outdoors Inc. is the parent company of Mossy Oak, BioLogic, Mossy Oak Productions, MOOSE Media, Nativ Nurseries, Nativ Living, GameKeepers, GameKeepers Kennels and Mossy Oak Properties.Mossy Oak is the official camouflage of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Quality Deer Management Association and Mack’s Prairie Wings and the official pattern of B.A.S.S. and Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.

Thanksgiving “Skunk”

Sometimes you’ve just got to go for it.

You’ve got to hope that a successful day in the field will make up for the cold shoulder you may end up catching from the woman of your dreams later that night.

My hunting buddy, Chef Jeff, had been keeping an eye on this field for the last couple of weeks. Nothing special….a few acres of recently harvested corn on the back end of a local nursery. Our scouting report said that we needed to get into this field soon so today this little field was holding a lot of promise.

The geese were making daily appearances and the numbers were building, but our marching orders had been laid down by the boss “be home before 10 a.m.!” So we were on a tight schedule.

My son (Cole), Chef Jeff and I decided that we needed to go for it. So there we were on Thanksgiving morning with three layout blinds, three dozen decoys and the desire to make a little holiday magic happen.

We got out to the field early, brushed up the blinds, set out the decoys and were ready to go by legal shooting time. Per our recon we had about a half an hour until things should get exciting. Like clockwork the telltale “Her-Ronk” sound could be heard in the distance.

The first flock came towards us from exactly where Chef Jeff had promised. Home by 10 a.m. would not be a problem this day until…they short stopped us and sat down at the farm across the street.

About the time the first flock landed the second flight could be seen and heard off in the distance. We got on our calls and Cole did some heavy duty flagging to no avail. They went right into the same field. For the next 45 minutes Mother Nature proved to us that the live geese in that field could not be beat.

We all decided that being home by 10 a.m. wasn’t going to be a problem. We just had to accept the fact that we were “skunked” on Thanksgiving.

Willert Home Products Launches Mossy Oak Storage Zone Odor & Moisture Control products

ST. LOUIS – Willert Home Products Launches Mossy Oak Storage Zone Odor & Moisture Control products.
“Sink the Stink and Stop the Stench” with a new product line called Mossy Oak Storage Zone Odor & Moisture Eliminator products by Willert Home Products. Those distinctly disgusting aromas emanating from stored hunting, camping or sports gear will be a thing of the past. No more stinky, musty, stale,  foul-smelling, malodorous odors that are associated with storing hunting, camping or sporting gear which is often put away damp or wet. Odors and moisture are eliminated with new Mossy Oak Storage Zone Odor & Moisture Eliminator products.
“It’s new and unique to the market,” said Shelley Cade of Willert Home Products. “Making gear and clothing last is important to hunters. These new products make it easy to maintain and properly store all hunting gear between seasons, keeping everything ready to go for the following year.”


Storage Zone features an odor eliminator and dehumidifier with pricing around $6 per product. For more information or to buy, visit,, or
The Mossy Oak Storage Zone products are manufactured by family-owned Willert Home Products who have been manufacturing unique and versatile solutions to common household problems since 1947.
Founded by A.W. Willert in 1946, Willert Home Products is a premier manufacturer of many well-known and trusted household brands. Willert Home Products is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Our family of brands includes Ty-D-Bol®, Bowl Fresh®, Enoz®, Enoz® No Zone™, Mossy Oak® Storage Zone™, and airBOSS®.
Willert Home Products is an officially licensed partner of Haas Outdoors Inc. Haas Outdoors Inc. is headquartered in West Point, Miss., was established in 1986 and is home of Mossy Oak. For more than 30 years, Mossy Oak has been a leading outdoors lifestyle brand that specializes in developing and marketing modern camouflage designs for hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. The Mossy Oak Brand and patterns can be found on a multitude of products worldwide. Haas Outdoors Inc. is the parent company of Mossy Oak, BioLogic, Mossy Oak Productions, MOOSE Media, Nativ Nurseries, Nativ Living, GameKeepers, GameKeepers Kennels and Mossy Oak Properties.Mossy Oak is the official camouflage of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Quality Deer Management Association and Mack’s Prairie Wings and the official pattern of B.A.S.S. and Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series.
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Siberian Coolers Holiday Specials

BOZEMAN, Montana – Siberian Coolers, a company dedicated to meeting the needs of outdoorsmen who push themselves and their gear beyond the normal limits, is excited to offer their popular series of IGBC certified bear resistant ALPHA Pro Series Coolers with a Holiday Package Special just in time for the Holiday shopping season!

The popular and handy ALPHA Pro Series 22-quart Sidekick, ideal for transporting beverages and food to and from those Holiday gatherings is only $189.99 and includes a heavy duty wire basket, security lock bracket, beverage cup holder and a swag gift pack.

For the outdoorsman who requires larger cooler capacity for back country trips, prolonged floats down the river, game day tailgating or the deep sea trophy fish catch of the day; you will want to look at the 45, 65 or 85-quart ALPHA Pro Series.  These coolers include the same great bonus gift pack, plus a food grade polyethylene divider that doubles as a conveniently stored cutting board.

The Holiday Special for the ALPHA Pro Series 45, 65 and 85 Coolers are $299.99, $369.99 and $399.99 respectively.  For that person on your Holiday shopping list that may already have a Siberian Cooler and is in need of some accessories or if you are unsure of the size cooler they need, Siberian Coolers now has gift cards for purchase on their website.

These great Holiday Specials from Siberian Coolers run until December 31st, 2017, so head on over to now to start your holiday shopping and take advantage of the FREE Shipping on these specials.

The high performance, affordably priced ALPHA Pro Series of Siberian Coolers feature:

IGBC Certified Bear Resistant

Roto-Molded One-Piece Design

PE Foam Injected for Superior Insulation up to 2.75”

Durable LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene) Outer Shell

Military Grade Heavy Duty Hard Anodized Aluminum Latches

Reversible EZ Slide/Sticky Rubber Feet (available on the Alpha Pro 45, 65, 85)

Durable Aluminum Carry Handle W/Cushion Grip (available on the Alpha Pro Sidekick 22 quart)

Stainless Steel Hinges

Tie Down Strap Slots

Hidden Pad Lock Plates

Heavy Duty FDA Approved Wire Basket

Food Grade Cutting Board/Divider (available in the 45, 65, 85)

HD Security Lock Bracket

Beverage Cup Holder

Streamline Flush Design (allows for the cooler to be tightly packed & fly lines free)

Siberian Coolers Lifetime Warranty

Colors:  Granite or White

About Siberian Coolers:

Founded in 2015 beneath the mountains of Bozeman, Montana, Siberian Coolers was born from the idea that everyone deserves a high-quality cooler at a realistic price. Siberian products are constructed using a high-temperature polyethylene roto-molding process. This process creates an extremely durable, one-piece cooler able to stay cold for days in a wide variety of outdoor settings. For more information, visit or call, 844-782-COLD