Avian-X Topflight Sleeper/Preener Mallards – Molded from carvings by world champion carver Rick Johannsen, Avian-X Topflight Sleeper/Preener Mallards perfectly convey the serene behaviors wary ducks expect to see at their hidden honey holes. Sold in packs of six for $79.99, Avian-X Topflight Sleeper/Preener Mallards include amazingly lifelike depictions of two hen and two drake mallards preening, as well as a pair of the most realistic sleeper mallards to ever grace a duck hunter’s decoy spread.

Ameristep Tellus Chairs – Ground blind hunters need a place to sit, and nobody makes a more complete selection of comfortable, lightweight, portable hunting stools and chairs than Ameristep. Ameristep’s Compaclite Tellus and Tellus Lite Chairs have 300 and 225-lb. capacities and pack down into a 15”x4”x4” carry bag. These comfortable sling-style chairs are priced from $40-$50, have a shock cord frame design for quick set up, and include a handy zippered gear pouch beneath the seat.

ScentLok Cold Blooded 3-in-1 Jacket – ScentLok’s new waterproof, windproof jacket will change the way hunters approach cold weather. Using more than 20 years of experience constructing systems for diehard hunters, ScentLok delivers a highly effective all-in-one scent control layering process that traps heat in while keeping rain, wind and elements out. The new Cold Blooded system allows you to stay out when everyone else is calling it quits. The key to the effectiveness of the Cold Blooded jacket is the strategic interconnected layering system. The inner layer is a reversible tricot and berber fleece vest designed to maximize core warmth by locking body heat in with a windproof membrane. The lightweight vest zips into the windproof, waterproof outer shell delivering a unique streamlined fit that keeps the core insulated while allowing the arms to move freely. Constructed from brushed tricot fabric for quiet comfort, the outer shell is your ultimate defense against harsh elements. Six well placed zippered pockets, a high-backed collar and an adjustable hood ensure security and dryness for the user and their gear. The 3-in-1 goes for $200 to $240.

Flextone Tramp Stamp – Turkey hunters who chase wiley gobblers know that it’s not unusual for inclement weather to disrupt a hunt. Far and away, the most common weather issue is wind. Traditional slate calls simply aren’t capable of punching a loud yelp through the wall of sound created by a stiff breeze, and won’t be heard by distant gobblers – especially in wide-open terrain. The new Flextone Tramp Stamp aluminum pot call is perfectly suited to cut through howling winds. The durable Magnum Hickory Striker coupled with the aluminum surface produce high-frequency yelps that drive even the most stubborn gobblers insane. They’ll answer this call with a frenzy of gobbling, then strut-in, spitting and drumming. The Tramp Stamp rolls out the door for about $20.

Zink Drake Mallard Whistle – One of the greatest keys to effective duck calling is learning how to observe and interpret responses ducks make on the wing and adjusting your calling cadence, volume or style to produce positive results. In duck calling, there’s a proper time and place for everything. The Zink Drake Mallard Whistle is another call that can bring additional realism to a calling sequence, often turning mallards and other ducks towards the spread when other forms of calling fail. Blown properly and sparingly, a drake mallard whistle can work miracles on pressured ducks during quiet, windless days, and also provide convincing accompaniment and value when other callers in the hunting party are making hen talk to a group of working birds. It’s a great finishing call, too. Look for it at $12.99.

Halo XRT7 Laser Rangefinder – Halo hit the sweet spot with the XRT7 Laser Rangefinder, the perfect gift for any hunter or golfer at a price of just $129.99. The XRT7 provides 6x magnification and instantaneous distance readings out to 700 yards, accurate to +/- one yard. Built-in AITM (Angle Intelligence) Technology allows the XRT7 to automatically detect and compensate for differences in elevation between the user’s position and the target being ranged, displaying a simple and accurate “shoots like” distance readout. Inside, a crystal-clear color LCD readout reliably displays the reticle, battery status, mode setting, numerical display and unit of measure, which is selectable in either yards or meters. A new Dawn/Dusk display mode ensures easy reading during low light periods.

Wildgame Innovations Crush 20 Lightsout Camera – Hunters who appreciate the finer things in life are sure to crush hard on Wildgame Innovations’ CRUSH 20 Lightsout IR scouting camera. Offering 20-megapixel resolution, HD 720p video, FlexTime +™ time lapse technology, invisible LightsOut™ LED infrared flash, full-color Active Technology TFT onboard viewing, and a price below $200, this little beauty will take your deer hunter’s game scouting capability where it has never been before.

Evolved Habitats Rack-Up Trophy Class – America’s most trusted brand of wildlife nutritional products developed to attract and hold wildlife has released a breakthrough deer management product containing the highest concentrations of Phosphorus, Magnesium and Calcium ever produced by Evolved. “Rack-Up Trophy Class contains high concentrations of the three key minerals science has shown to contribute most to antler growth,” says Jason Campbell, whitetail hunter and Plano Synergy’s Evolved Brand Manager, who emphasizes the benefits of year-‘round mineral supplementation for overall deer herd health. “Genetics, age and nutrition will always be the most important factors in producing large-antlered bucks,” says Campbell, “but quality mineral supplements provided throughout the year will help every antlered deer grow to its potential, while also providing does with beneficial minerals needed for rearing healthy fawns.” Spend about $12.99, and put a bow on a bag – wrapping paper not required.

Plano 1812 Hunting Stool –Featuring the dual functionality of a comfy seat atop a pragmatic and practical carryall, the clever Plano 1812 Hunting Stool is a hunter’s best friend. The oversized 1812 Magnum Can is the ideal vessel for keeping shot shells, sandwiches and other necessities at-hand throughout the hunt, while a hardwearing but lightweight ballistic nylon wrap envelops and attaches to the outside of the box, providing additional levels of utility and secure storage. Up top, a nylon-covered, comfortable foam pad creates a plush seating surface for waiting out fast-flying game, while a detachable shoulder strap affords comfortable and reliable transport to and from the truck. All fabric surfaces are finished in the versatile Mossy Oak Brush camouflage pattern. The Plano 1812 Hunting Stool retails for about $59.99.

Tenzing TZ 3000 Hunting Pack – Tenzing’s new mid-to-large-sized TZ 3000 hunting pack will appeal to all manner of big game hunters. Available in Realtree Max-1 or Kryptek Highlander camo patterns, the TZ 3000 provides 3100 total cubic inches of capacity inside nine distinct compartments and pockets. The innovative pack can be accessed on top and on its belly to accommodate secure and ample storage for most everything needed for a quick day trip or an overnight stakeout. Additional external features include compression straps for attaching extra gear like clothing and rattling antlers, a foldout boot to carry a bow or firearm, and mesh side pockets for quivers or your favorite fly-rod tube. The premium TZ 3000 sells for around $300 and is equipped with a foldout rain cover, and is also compatible with Tenzing’s optional 2- and 3-liter hydration bladders.

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