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Dr. Shawn Tyson unlocks the mystery of carbon, and delivers it to the consumer in an affordable package that will transform the way we look at scent elimination.

Scent blocking camouflage has become very popular hunting aid in recent years. Modern hunters understand that decreasing their own scent helps to increase their odds for shooting trophy bucks. When shopping the top 3 brand name scent blocking clothing companies, hunters will spend on average $100-$350 for a scent blocking jacket and another $100-$250 on the matching scent blocking pants. For a lot of blue collar hunters that may be at the top of their price range and that money could have been spent on a good rifle or bow, not on expensive camouflage that loses it’s scent blocking effectiveness.

To better understand why scent blocking camouflage loses its effectiveness, lets first discuss the active element. The activated carbons (Fig.1) found in these scent blocking garments have many tiny pores that absorb odors and gases until they are full like a sponge does soaking up water. When these activated carbon pores become full they stop absorbing anymore surrounding odors. To make matters even worse, If these carbon based garments were not properly stored in an air tight containers immediately after their production then these carbon pores are may already be partially full. Unbeknownst to the hunter buying, most of these garments have most likely sat in warehouses and then in hunting stores for weeks if not months absorbing all the odors and gases in the air. This absorbing of odors in the warehouse and store diminishes the overall effectiveness of the activated carbon lining the camouflage by filling of the carbon’s pores. After purchased a hunter would now be putting his trust in scent blocking garments that are not working as efficiently as they were designed to do. Not a good thing when chasing whitetails!

To help maintain their scent blocking camouflage, the manufacturers recommend washing them and then heating the garments in a dryer for 40-60 minutes to heat reactivate the spent carbons. Unfortunately this way of carbon reactivation is not going to be very effective. Activated carbon research shows that to fully reactivate spent carbon they must be heated to temperatures of 1,700°F. The average household dryer only heats up to 120°F.  A hunter following the manufacturers directions with their household dryer’s low degree of heat will not be able to reactivate the carbon to an effective level for hunting whitetails. Not to mention that after each wash these garments lose carbons further reducing their scent blocking capabilities.

To put the activated carbon’s life span into perspective, the new JS-LIST (chemical warfare) suits worn by the armed services “only provides 45 days of effective wear ….” These chemical warfare suits have several times more activated carbon in them than the carbon lined camouflage garments currently being sold for hunting purposes; and they only last for 45 days. So what is a hunter supposed to do now with the spent carbons in their expensive camouflage? Nothing, it is not possible to reactivate these carbons without destroying the garments with the high temperature heat needed. Now if they can’t thermally reactivate them then the next best thing would be to infuse more virgin carbons to ‘recharge’ the camouflage’s scent blocking capabilities.

To help hunters get the most out of their reduced carbon lined camouflage, Pure One Outdoors recently released a new patent pending 3 in 1 product called Carbon Defence™(Fig. 2). Carbon Defence™ consists of virgin activated carbon and our patent pending additives. These active additives are designed to break the surface tension and push the virgin activated carbons into the camouflage fibers increasing their scent blocking capabilities. The new patent pending formula also adds UV inhibitors to decrease the camouflages natural Ultra-violet glow as well as adds UPF (sun protection). UV elimination and UPF are additions and they are not normally found on most scent blocking camouflage. Not only does Carbon Defence™ reactivate your old carbon lined camouflage but it can also transform any absorbent budget camouflage into a scent and UV blocker. Carbon Defence™ will help all blue collar hunters get the same benefits of the name brand scent blockers but at a fraction of the cost! I will cover this in more detail on a future post.


carbon-defence-001With so many camouflage manufacturers now adding scent blocking technology along with hunters looking for an advantage in the woods, it looks like carbon infused camouflage is here to stay. If hunters are going to spend that amount of money on their camouflage then they should use a product like Carbon Defence™. With Carbon Defence™ hunters will be able to extend the life of their garments, maximize their chosen camouflage pattern while minimizing their scent and UV foot print. When combined with our X-Out Odor & UV field spray and our 2 in 1 laundry detergent, a hunter would have the most complete odor and UV elimination on the market! UV Free…Odor Free..Deadly!

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