The Future of Scent Elimination is Now

The Future of Scent Elimination is Now

Ask any experienced hunter what the number one factor they must eliminate when hunting to harvest a trophy whitetail is and they will tell you it’s their own scent. Scientists have found that whitetails can smell a human’s scent farther than bloodhounds and can detect up to six different odors at once. Few hunters realize that a whitetail deer actually has two ‘noses’. The second nose is technically not a nose at all, but it serves the same purpose. If you look on the roof of the whitetails’s mouth, you will see a diamond shaped structure with a small passage leading into the palate. This additional nose called the Vomeronasal organ, is similar to the Jacobson’s organ that snakes use to ‘taste’ the air. The combination of these two smelling senses gives whitetails amazing ability to monitor the woods over a mile away.

Over the past 15 years many hunting companies have tried to combat a whitetail’s superior sense of smell by producing their own version of scent elimination sprays to decrease human scent. These sprays differ by their active agents like silver, zeolites, activated carbons, antimicrobials and enzymes but, their only action is controlling human scent. So if science says whitetails have 6 senses, then why are there no sprays that address any of the other whitetail senses?

This was the same question I asked myself when I began researching whitetails and their 6 senses. With my background in medical sciences, I wanted to better understand a whitetail’s physical strengths and weaknesses to determine how I could gain a competitive advantage in the woods. The more research I did,  I realized that scent was not the only thing us hunters had to worry about when chasing trophy whitetails. After looking at the numerous products on the market mostly targeted only towards scent elimination,  I realized that no one was focusing attention to a whitetail’s Ultra-Violet (UV) vision. Most hunters have no knowledge of a whitetail’s ability to see UV as well as they can.

A study done by the University of Georgia Deer Laboratory determined that whitetails lack a UV filter in their eyes and that their vision in the shorter wavelengths was much better than humans allowing them to see farther on the visual spectrum. Deer have a relatively high sensitivity (good vision) in the short wavelengths where UV brighteners and dyes in camouflages are are active. Humans are unable to see these UV wavelengths because we have a protective filter on our eyes that block up to 99% of ultra-violet rays.

UV is a major factor when wearing modern camouflage clothing fibers containing phosphors that omit UV glow at low light conditions. Unfortunately, low light conditions like dawn and dusk, are when whitetails are most active. Camouflage manufacturers use phosphor fibers that are appealing to the human eye but a warning sign to whitetails because nothing else in nature will have that large a mass of a UV glow signature.

To help give hunters a competitive edge, Pure One Outdoors has released a patent pending product called X-Out Odor™ . X-Out Odor™ is not only one of the strongest scent eliminators on the market, but it is also the only scent eliminator on the market with a UV inhibitor. No other scent eliminator has as many Actions as X-Out Odor™ does! With the addition of our UV inhibitors, a hunter no longer has to worry about their UV glow being spotted by a trophy buck. When hunters uses X-Out Odor™, they can be assured they are not only eliminating most of their human scent but also eliminating their UV glow there by reducing 3 of a whitetail’s greatest senses. The Future of Scent Elimination, is now with X-Out Odor™.  With the use of X-Out Odor™ hunters are now leveling the playing field and Whitetails will no longer have the advantage.                     UV Free…Odor Free…Deadly! 

Pure One Outdoors is where science meets hunting. See more of our innovative hunting products and more written by Dr. Shawn Tyson at

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