Get a Grip With the Talon

At first glimpse viewers would understand why the name Talon. When loaded, the Talon rest design looks as if the talons of an eagle are securely gripping the arrow shaft. You will then note this rest has a minimal amount of bristles. “Let’s face it, all bristles wear” according to Scott Nice Head Designer at .30-06 Outdoors LLC. 
The Talon Seperates from the R.E.S.T…
 the most practical of all the Talon’s features is that the arrow support adjustments are synchronized by one simple screw. This allows the user to perfectly match the distance needed for their arrow shaft support. It eliminates uneven alignment that easily occurs when rest supports are adjusted independently
Shooters can choose from black, redgreenorangeblue
pink, and purple accent colors.

$49.95 msr 
You won’t need to cash in your gold certificates to buy the new Talon by .30-06 Outdoors. You can pick it up for under 50 bucks retail.
The Talon’s only brush comes down from the top center of its “C” shaped design. This small brush, about half the size of a pencil eraser is what makes the Talon a Full Containment arrow rest. In the same token this brush can be removed if the shooter enjoys a more traditional two prong arrow rest style.
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