E-Z-V Compound Bow Sight is Changing the Game

No More Pins!

No More Range Finders!

No More Target Panic!

With algorithms and geometry working together, the E-Z-V Sight simultaneously ranges distance and aligns aiming point with precision shot placement all in one-step and in 1/10th the time of a traditional pin sight.  – ALL WITHOUT THE USE OF PINS!

The E-Z-V is a V- shaped compound bow target sight that eliminates the necessity of ranging distance prior to aiming AND human error of accurately gauging distance before aiming and shooting.  It also maximizes accurate shot placement in 1/10th the time of a traditional pin sight all in one-step.  With the E-Z-V Sight, bow hunters are profoundly more enabled to eliminate target panic and wounded game animals due to human error associated with accurately ranging distance between the shooter and the target.


The revolutionary E-Z-V Sight eliminates ranging distance prior to shot placement!

With the E-Z-V Sight, you no longer have to range the distance prior to drawing your bow. Distance ranging is already pre-calculated into the design of the V- configuration.

The speed of your bow determines the trajectory curve of your arrow’s path.  The faster your bow, the shorter the V-configuration.  Once the speed of your bow is determined, so is the trajectory curve.  The configuration of the V is designed to follow that trajectory curve.  When the V is raised to the degree where the inner walls of the V encompass the width of the vitals, the elevation of the bow’s trajectory path is matched.  Thus, ranging distance is no longer relevant!



Shoot accurately at any distance without the use of pins!

Once your E-Z-V Sight is properly sighted-in, you will be able to shoot accurately from any distance without the use of pins!  Simply frame the vitals between the inner-walls of the V and shoot in the middle!

But that’s not all!

The E-Z-V Sight is designed to give you the choice…… shoot the E-Z-V Sight as a traditional pin sight or don’t!

Each V-Insert has seven- pairs of tick-marks representing your 10 –  70 yard pins.  The top pair of tick-marks is your 10 yard “pin”.  The second pair of tick-marks is your 20 yard “pin”, and so on.  Once your seven pairs of tick-marks are properly sighted-in – you can choose to shoot using the V-configuration or shoot using the traditional pin method.  Either way, you get accurate results.   The choice is yours!

Your E-Z-V Sight includes 3 easily interchangeable V-Inserts within the range of your bow’s FPS to get the perfect fit when sighting in and also to accommodate for slight equipment alternations (such as increasing bow poundage).  For example, if your bow’s FPS is 282 FPS, your E-Z-V Sight will come with the 280 FPS; 285 FPS, and 290 FPS. Choose the perfect fit for you when sighting in!

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