A New Revolution Has Begun

Leesburg, VA May 22, 2016

A new revolution has begun in the world of spinning wing decoys. Revolution Waterfowl has created a spinning wing decoy that will take you hunting to the next level.  As a producer, I hate having to charge decoy batteries, it is just one more thing to remember at the end of each day. No to mention when you have a large spread of spinning wing decoys it adds additional significant weight to an already heavy load. Some days we had over 100 pounds of decoy batteries. Revolution Waterfowl has refined the spinning wing wind decoy to help hunters make the most out of their hunting opportunities. Unlike motorized decoys requiring you to re-charge batteries and pull string decoys with the hassle of manual operation, the simple yet effective design of the Revolution decoy is ultra reliable, ensuring that your time in the field is spent focusing on the ducks not your equipment.

The team at Revolution Waterfowl have created the finest spinning wing wind decoy on the market. How did they do they it? By utilizing a flocked head GHG mallard duck decoy, sealed stainless steel ball bearings, a precision ground stainless steel shaft, and laser cut aluminum wings that will spin in less than a 3 mph wind. The result is a decoy that not only looks better than everything on the market today but more importantly outperforms all other wind decoys.

A precision ground stainless steel shaft and a pair of stainless steel sealed bearings ensure a long lasting decoy that is easy to maintain, and even easier to use. Use a little light oil on the shaft and bearings and your decoy will continue to perform flawlessly for years to come.  Not to mention the more you use it, the better it becomes.  When your decoy arrives set it up in front of a fan for an hour or two and break in the ball bearings.  Like I said the more you use it, the less wind it takes to move the wings.  In a few weeks we are going to show you just how little wind it really takes to turn the wings.

The lightweight, yet extremely durable laser cut aluminum wings are painted with a two part epoxy primer and a flat industrial paint for a long lasting finish and are offset at just under 90 degrees so that one side is always catching the wind.  Unlike other decoy companies that use cheap plastic wings that crack, break and/or make a ton noise when they spin, the Revolution Waterfowl Spinning Wing Decoy has been carefully designed to ensure that it’s ultra smooth and whisper quiet.  We all that friend that seems to shoot every decoy in the spread.  Now you have a solution to your problem.  With aluminum wings your decoy can take years of abuse,and even the occasional pellet.

For 2016 Revolution Waterfowl will be releasing a hen mallard spinning wing decoy to their lineup.  It will be a welcome addition to their entire line of high quality products.

If you want to kill more ducks this season, then it is time to ditch all those wanna be spinning wing decoys on the market today and join the Revolution, Revolution Waterfowl that is.


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