Skull Hooker’s Bone Bracket Goes Extra Large

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. (May 9, 2016) — As the popularity of European mounted skulls continues to grow, Skull Hooker has announced the expansion of the easy-to-use, stylish, secure and affordable Bone Bracket line with the addition of the XXL Bone Bracket. This new extra-large size is designed to accommodate the skullcaps of antlered and horned species such as elk, caribou, buffalo, moose and heavy-horned sheep.
2016_XXL_Bone_BracketThe Skull Hooker Bone Bracket was specifically created as a versatile and attractive mounting system for those who prefer to display their trophy using the skull plate as the base. The XXL Bone Bracket is an exceptionally strong mounting system, designed to handle the weight and size of larger trophies. To optimally showcase the skullcap, the XXL Bone Bracket offers left/right rotational adjustments and up/down angle adjustments.
2016_Bone_Bracket_XXL_Caribou“While European mounts have become increasingly popular, the new XXL Bone Bracket provides a secure and elegant hanging solution for those who have already cut the skullcap with the intention of showcasing the antlers or horns,” said Rob Shaw, president and owner. “With the additions of the new Bone Bracket and the XXL Bone Bracket to our other product lines, hunters can inexpensively and attractively present their trophies, no matter the size or shape.”
Like all Skull Hooker products, the XXL Bone Bracket can be assembled and hung in just a few minutes. Simply mount the wall plaque to the a wall stud with the supplied screws, attach the skull plate adjuster to the arm, locate and drill two holes in the skull cap, and install two screws to attach the skull cap to the skull plate adjuster. Then just insert the tapered arm pegs into the wall-plaque cylinders, and make any final adjustments to the trophy positioning for the perfect display. 
The new Skull Hooker XXL Bone Bracket is finished in a black powder coating. It will be available this summer at retailers nationwide and conveniently online at for a suggested retail price of $19.99.
Founded in 2009, Skull Hooker was the first company to offer professionally crafted and fully adjustable European-style skull-mounting brackets that naturally showcase trophy animals in an elegant manner. The Skull Hooker wall-mounting system for European mounts is available in two sizes to accommodate most species horns and antlers: the Big Hooker and the Little Hooker. The Table Hooker showcases small to medium animals on a table, desk or shelf. The Bone Bracket and Skull Cap are available for smaller- to medium-sized skull-capped game species. For more information on Skull Hooker and its products contact: Skull Hooker, P.O. Box 257, Klamath Falls, OR 97601; call 541-887-8622; or visit Visit Skull Hooker on social media at and
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