SUPERIOR, Wis. (March 17, 2016) — IQ Bowsight has bridged the gap between multiple-fixed-pin sights and rapid-adjustable single-pin sights with the addition of the new IQ Pro One and IQ Pro Hunter to the IQ Pro Bowsight lineup. As with all IQ Bowsight models, the IQ Pro One and IQ Pro Hunter feature the patented Retina Lock™ alignment technology that provides instant feedback to identify even the slightest torque or anchor-point change.

IQ_Pro_One_qtrThe IQ Pro One offers an adjustable single-pin design, and the IQ Pro Hunter has two fixed pins for short-yardage shots that often don’t allow time for field adjustment and adds an adjustable third pin for longer shots. At the heart of both bowsights is the rapid high-pitch one-pin adjustment system that allows the full range of pin adjustment with just a couple of turns of the green knob at the bottom of the sight. The adjustable pin has a corresponding markable sight tape inside the bezel that can be seen from the shooter’s perspective, as well as another sight tape on the side of the housing for quick adjustment. They are designed with an adjustable zero-stop to prevent over-adjustment in the field.

The IQ Pro One and IQ Pro Hunter feature built-in sight levels, tool-free locking knobs, fully enclosed 0.019-inch fiber optics in the pins and precise incremental adjustments on windage and elevation knobs of 0.0015-inch per click.

IQ_Pro_Hunter_qtrBoth the IQ Pro One and IQ Pro Hunter feature Retina Lock Technology. With the Retina Lock, you simply center the dot before the shot. This unique design allows for instant feedback that will identify even the slightest torque or anchor point change. This actually forces proper form, builds confidence and extends the effective shooting range.

The new IQ Pro One and IQ Pro Hunter bowsights are available in both left- and right-hand versions. The IQ Pro One is available at retailers with a suggested retail price of $209.99. The IQ Pro Hunter is available at retailers with a suggested retail price of $259.99. An optional bezel-mounted magnifier is also available, and the IQ Rheostat Sight Light is compatible with either model for brightening up the pins and Retina Lock on dark, dismal mornings and evenings.

Originally introduced in 2010, the IQ Bowsight took the archery world by storm. With its patented Retina Lock technology, the IQ Bowsight quickly became regarded as the world’s most accurate archery sighting system. A FeraDyne Outdoors, LLC, brand, IQ Bowsight is headquartered in Superior, Wis. For more information, contact: IQ Bowsight, 1230 Poplar Avenue, Superior, WI 54880; call 866-387-9307; or visit

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