Produce Three Hen Tones From One Call With the Knight & Hale Switchblade


Birmingham, AL – Knight & Hale® Game Calls, a legendary call maker known for its dedication to creating calls that produce the most life-like wildlife sounds, unleashes its most versatile and diverse turkey call: The Switchblade™.

Turkey hunters often struggle to produce life-like inflection with a box call, which often leads them to use a box call only for locating turkeys and then switching calls to seal the deal.

Three unique lids allow the user to change tones without changing calls.

To diversify the use and sound a box call is capable of producing, Knight & Hale integrated a patented quick-release system into the Switchblade’s design that’s ultra-simple to use. Featuring three different paddles made from three distinct types of wood, each produces its own unique hen sound and makes the call capable of replicating calls of three different hens.

The box itself is a custom, one-piece design that allows callers to produce loud, far-carrying tones for windy days—but it can also be worked lightly for soft, ultra-realistic sounds to pull an educated tom in those final few yards.


Additionally, remove the lids—without noisy Velcro or snaps—while running and gunning for silent travel.

The MSRP for the Switchblade is $34.99.

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