Pouring Feed Evolved HarvestBaton Rouge, LA (February 8, 2016) – Food plots are a confusing subject for almost every hunter lacking an advanced degree in horticulture. Variables in geography, climate and soil composition make it challenging for the average hunter or landowner to crack the code on what grows best, when and why. And then there’s that more fundamental question: Will my deer even eat it?

Hunters take heart. Anyone contemplating the creation of a food plot to attract, feed and hold deer, turkey and other wildlife on their hunting property need not despair. Evolved Harvest has been helping hunters create successful food plots for over 20 years, and their NEW AlphaPlot takes the guesswork out creating high-nutrition, highly-palatable, long-lasting food plots like never before.

New for 2016, Evolved Harvest’s AlphaPlot contains a premium blend of perennial and annual forage cultivars that produce abundant and high-quality nutrition over multiple seasons. This long-lived, high-protein blend is formulated to thrive nationwide while attracting a wide variety of wildlife, especially deer and turkeys. High palatability and up to 30% crude protein content ensure that deer hit AlphaPlot hard and often.

AlphaPlot Evolved Harvest

Whitetails love clover, and AlphaPlot serves up two protein-packed varieties for optimal forage during the critical spring and early summer antler growing and fawning seasons. White clover provides long life and rapid regeneration, while red clover is more drought-tolerant and remains palatable to deer and other wildlife longer into the summer season.

Hybrid alfalfa forms the foundation of AlphaPlot’s year-‘round performance, providing heaps of high calorie forage from spring through summer. A perennial legume, AlphaPlot’s hybrid alfalfa is engineered to be southern tolerant and delivers consistent performance across all weather patterns in both well- and poorly-drained soils.

AlphaPlot’s hardworking annual component is T-Raptor, an early maturing forage turnip/rape hybrid that’s extremely high in crude protein. This leafy, late summer forage provides a huge amount of food and can withstand heavy browsing pressure. T-Raptor offers the secondary benefit of serving as a cover crop to protect the clovers and chicory until the AlphaPlot is fully established, and can be re-supplemented annually.

Once temperatures start to drop, AlphaPlot’s forage perennial chicory delivers an appealing payload of protein and valuable minerals just when deer need them most – right before the breeding and winter stress periods. AlphaPlot’s chicory mixes well with its clovers, developing an extremely long and stout taproot that takes hold – even in sandy soils – making it extremely drought resistant.


  • Mfg. Item # 70410
  • UPC 7-86541-70410-1
  • Contains hybrid alfalfa (southern tolerant), red & white clover, chicory and T-Raptor
  • Extremely adaptive
  • Ultra long taproots (12”+) minimize drought risk
  • Perennial alfalfa & chicory can thrive for several seasons
  • High protein & palatability – up to 30% crude protein
  • 3.5-LB. Bag
  • Coverage: 1/3 Acre

MSRP: $24.99

Indeed, successful food plots are rooted in sound science and engineering. But you don’t need to be a scientist to create one on your hunting property. Evolved Harvest’s new AlphaPlot will deliver long-lasting, year-‘round performance and nutrition to attract and hold deer and other wildlife wherever you hunt.AlphaPlot bag in Field Evovled Harvest

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