Save a few dollars and add some color to your next hunt

Save a few dollars and add some color to your next hunt

Want to save a few dollars next season? Why pay $3-4 for a 4 pack of felt scent pads? One thing that I have done for many years is make my own scent wicks. Large squares of felt can be purchased from the craft store or from most department stores that offer a craft section for as little as 15-50 cents. They offer a wide selection of colors and even multicolored patterns.

scent pads

After selecting the color or colors you want to use cut the felt square in half using either a pair of scissors, a sharp knife and straight edge, or a rolling fabric cutter and straight edge on a cut safe surface.

scent pads 2

Then cut into strips to your desired width. since these are a little thinner than the commercial bought pads I tend to stay around the one inch width and will fold each strip in half long ways to fit in the bottle before dipping into the bottle of whatever liquid lure I am using. I typically get 18-22 scent strips out of a felt square that as you can see in the above picture I picked up for 23 cents each.

scent pads 3

Once the strips are cut I either use a hole punch and make a hole or will carry them with me and make a small slice with my pack knife just prior to use. Either way I package up a few small quantities into small Ziploc bags to keep them from collecting odor until use.

scent pads 4

The wide assortment of colors also comes in handy if you have a child that bowhunts and you want to help them judge yardage from the stand. Its as easy as color coordinating the scent strips with the yardage pins and placing them accordingly around the stand to assist them.

I hope you found this useful for yourself or someone you know.

Matt Doolan

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