Carbon v. Aluminum Arrows

Carbon v. Aluminum Arrows

The advantages of hunting whitetail bucks with carbon fiber arrows are many. 10 to 15 years ago, when carbon arrows were still in their infancy those advantages may not have been so clear cut.  However, if you are still using aluminum arrows you probably have not discovered the internet, cell phones, the gas turbine engine or perhaps even electricity.  If you happened to find yourself in the archery pro shop with someone who is new to the game and they ask you why you are spending more money for carbon arrows over the cheaper aluminum counter parts what would you say?

For me, this has happened several times when introducing some new to the sport of archery. I always start by explaining that because carbon shafts are thinner in diameter over their aluminum counterparts, they are lighter and faster, and thus they have increased target penetration.  Because they are thinner in diameter, there is less wind drift, and of course they do not loose as much energy when initially being shot out of a bow.

As I continue my explanation, to my new friend is that aluminum shafts have a tendencies to bend, and are difficult to straighten, thus rendering them useless, unlike the carbon brethren that will flex, but will not bend permanently. Next I get a little technical and explain that it is easier to manipulate the front of center (F.O.C.) more easily with a carbon arrow and more finely tune your arrow to match your setup. By about that point my friend has a blank look on their face and explain why that is important.

Ultimately as bows got faster, they required an arrow that was as technically innovative as they were. Aluminum arrows absorb more energy when being shot out of the bow, forcing the arrow to travel on a high arch, while the carbon arrow is able to travel on a flat plane. By flying on a flatter plane it allows the arrow to more accurate and more forgiving.

Steve Sheetz

Steve is an avid outdoorsman who has been fortunate enough to publish two books on archery hunting. His first book, For the Love of the Hunt, was published in 2011. His second book, Wading Through the Darkness was published in 2015. Steve sits on numerous Pro Staffs throughout the archery industry. For almost a decade Steve helped build but wanted the opportunity to build something bigger and better and launched in December of 2014 as a way to share his love and passion for the outdoors. Today Chasin'Whitetails Media is growing. With the addition of the radio show in 2014 and a The Heartbeat TV show in 2015, who knows what will come his way next. When it comes to understanding the movement and logic of the urban whitetail and waterfowl, he is more than just a Ph.D. with a love of the outdoors. He is a self-proclaimed expert who loves to engage and teach others about the sport he loves so very much. Spending over 125 days a year in the big city woods and urban waterways chasing all types of game.

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