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Bowhunters Are Athletes

Cameron Hanes.


Hearing this name immediately makes me to want to become a better runner, bowhunter, be stronger, faster, and be so precise with my bow that it is the only weapon I will ever need.

If you have not seen the video, “Cameron Hanes: At a Glance,” and want to ramp up your bowhunting lifestyle or change your life, go watch this video. The only word to describe this man is beast. Running 10 miles, lifting, shooting bow, and following a strict nutrition plan are all very normal to Cameron.

“Your body gets used to what you ask of it. If you don’t ask much of your body, it’s not going to give you much. If you ask for a lot, its going to give you a lot.”

Every bow hunter comes from a different walk of life, but it seems that the hunting lifestyle across the world is transitioning back to how our primitive ancestors would have hunted. The stigma of hunters eating candy bars in the stand all day is quickly disappearing. Bow hunters are training in the gym, on the trail, shooting, and planning. Lazy is far from an accurate word to describe who we are as hunters today. I am proud that Cameron Hanes is representing bow hunting across the world, and showing who hunters truly are. As Cameron would say, “nobody cares, work harder.”

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.18.36 PM.png

Jennifer Ferries


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