The Importance of Urban Hunting

As the season starts to wind down for many, it is only half way over for the rest. Urban whitetail hunting has really taken a foot hold in our neck of the woods or neighborhoods so to speak. Residing in the Northern Virginia area has its benefits when it comes to hunting whitetail, and the main benefit we get to enjoy is a very long deer season. With whitetails numbers as high as they are in this region, the DNR and local towns realized the need for hunters to help bring those numbers down in order for maintenance and wildlife conservation of the whitetail population.

This is where urban hunting has really begun to make a difference. As more and more people build homes and businesses, deer will continually to be forced to coexist with their human neighbors. Deer have become sort of a problem with over population, eating your shrubs and flowers, causing many vehicular accidents which raise your insurance rates, diseases such as lime disease, and many other issues. As hunters, we have taken upon ourselves to help control and remove this problem by hunting in backyards of your neighbors or businesses which is known as Urban Hunting.

Along with this the great opportunity, we as hunters are doing not only our DNR a huge favor but also taking care of our communities. Many hunters have already filled their freezers or close to it. Now, we are able to donate our harvest to a program called “Hunter’s for the Hungry”. This awesome program provides hunters the opportunity to give back to their community and help feed those less fortunate. This program alone has fed thousands and put food in their mouths that they may have never would have been able to get on their own.

If the opportunity arises, try hunting in an urban setting. It is a different way of hunting that many never have experienced. Unlike hunting the farms and fields of the Midwest or the mountains of the west, urban hunting has its unique challenges. Dealing with what we call anti’s or formally known anti-hunters is one major challenge but also dealing with rude neighbors, schools and churches, weapon selection, allowable distance to shoot a deer, and many other challenges all prove to make urban hunting a new type of skill. Urban hunting takes a lot of skill and preparation before the season starts to pattern and figure out where the deer are headed or where they come from. Grasping this concept is of course nothing new but in an urban setting it is everything.

Along with the challenges and pro’s to urban hunting come the huge benefit of helping the community and helping them understand that we are there to help, not to do harm. So, please remember to leave the area you just hunted better than when you went in. Please keep the area clean and free from trash, respect the land owner’s wishes, be respectful, and always ask if there is something that you can do to help them. It goes a long way and makes all the difference.

Take it from me, Urban Hunting is one of the most frustrating but yet awesome opportunities to fill your freezer and help those in need at the same time.

Stay safe out there, shoot straight!

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