It’s earlier morning; you think you have everything you need for the hunt. You pack everything to take with you, drive to your favorite hunting spot, climb into the stand or ground blind, and then it hits you; YOU FORGOT YOUR RATTLING ANTLERS!!!! Well, break out your plastic water bottles because this will save your hunt.


Drink enough water or all of it (hydration is good for you) to allow enough air in the bottle to make a crackling sound. You may need to adjust the water level (drink more) in order to get the sound just right. It may take a little practice but you can get your water bottles to sound like a couple of bucks going at it. Try it out and let me know how it works for you. Plus, if you are anything like me and take the kids along, this will give them something to do or play with. Hey, you never know, a buck of a lifetime may come strolling through. Happy hunting!

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