When Should I Hunt The Weather?

If you are like most hunters you watch the weather all the time. If you are like most hunters you only have a day or two per week that you can hunt.  This weather obsession will wrap around those days that you get to hunt.  You will look at the weather forecast for the week and as rule of thumb only look at the days that fit you schedule.  That could be a big mistake.  On the days you are going to hunt, look at the weather the day before and the day after.  This could help your success in the woods tremendously.  Even on the days that you do hunt you might not be able to sit all day and have to choose between morning and evening.  The weather could help you make that choice.

One of my favorite strategies is to look at the weather and see when storms are coming or when a front is moving in or even low and high pressures.  The timing of these fronts can make you more successful in seeing deer.  If a storm is coming through the night before I like to sit the morning.  If the rain is coming through and is going to last through the morning I will try to be in my stand sometime in the afternoon to evening.  The weather the day after you sit can have a big impact.  My favorite time to hunt is in the evening the day before a front is coming through.  I have seen more deer on these evening hunts than any other time.

Now you might be asking why would I worry about these strategies, the short answer is to maximize your time in the woods.  Deer will be up and moving before and after fronts to put food in their belly’s.  They fill up before the front and bed down, then they have been bedded down for so long they are hungry.  It is a basic instinct of the deer to just eat.  That is a routine that we as hunters can count on.

If you have a flexible schedule and can hunt when you want try chasing these fronts and storms and begin to build you own knowledge base on when to hunt.  However I am one of many that will tell you that you will never see them if you are not in your stand.  So don’t miss an opportunity to hunt because you will never know when that buck will come walking by.

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