A Down Year

No hunting

If you are into bow hunting the way I am you know a shoulder injury is a big deal.  I had to drop my bow poundage down to 35 pounds just to pull it (from my normal 70).  So that means a season that is not going to happen for me.  Spending 10 years in the Marines and 11 years on the railroad, missing a season was not unusual.  However those two lives are behind me and I have the time to hunt and to have an injury like this SUCKS!!!  I could use a crossbow and there is nothing wrong with that weapon but I just do not want to move to a crossbow yet in my life (to stubborn).

So how do I fill that burning desire to be in a tree now that the cooler weather is here and the leaves are changing?  Short answer is, I don’t.  I am learning that no matter how many shows I watch, no matter how many hunting feeds I have on Facebook and Instagram it does not put out the fire.  The fire burns so hot that sometimes the only way to get it to cool down is to almost remove yourself from hunting all together(I can’t believe I just wrote those words).  The only way I am dealing with it is to obsess about something else but that burning is still there.

My shoulder will get strong again and I will be back in a tree one day but right now I have to get healthy first.  Then I can jump feet first into that fire again one day.  If you are wondering how I hurt my shoulder it was from working out and not listening to my body.  At a certain age you cannot push through the pain, sometimes you have to stop.  A valuable lesson learned.

So for the ones that the season is getting underway please stay safe and share you pics with me on Instagram, look for paynejj8215.  I love to see how everyone is doing this year.  I pray that your arrows fly straight and remember there is no encounter like the close encounter.

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