When is the Best Time to Hang a Treestand for Whitetail Hunting?

When is the best time to hang a treestand for whitetail hunting?  That is an often ask question and the answer is cut and dry.  The best time to hang stands is late July and early August.  It is also preferable to hang the stands mid day while deer are bedded down.

By hanging stands in the high heat of summer you will give the deer and the area around your stand ample time to return to normal before the hunting season begins.  All the smells that you brought into the woods will be long gone and forgotten by the time you are ready for your assault in the fall.  Make note of the wind direction and face your stands accordingly.  Use topographic maps ahead of time to do some research on the best ways to enter and exit the stand location.  IMG_0776

When you decide to head into the woods to hang your stands make sure that you have all of the tools you need ahead of time, like a saw, windacator, bow hanger, rope, etc.  As you walk into your stand location be sure to make some noise so that you can bump the deer out of the area without startling them. Completely prep your stand area before moving onto hang another stand.  Trim shooting lanes, hang cameras, and hang all accessories on the first trip.  You do not want to have to visit the stand site again until hunting season.

Regardless of when you hang your stands in July or August, always remember to wear your safety harness and linemen’s belt. Take care and be safe.

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